New here!

hi everyone!

i don't know if these forums are used for introducing ourselves but hi! I'm Naomi, I got engaged Christmas Eve 2016 eeeeek! So excited to start planning everything! Bit worried about how stressful it may be though xxx


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    Hi Naomi! Where are you based? Congrats on the engagement

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    Hi Naomi, welcome and congratulations!

  • Hi Naomi congratulations. Don't worry about stress it's as stressful as you make it. I am 4 months away from my wedding and I have not doubt there will be a little bit of stress but up to this point it's been plain sailing. I often wonder if I'm doing it wrong because everyone asks me "How are you? Bet you are so stressed!"

    Never late to the party if Iā€™m late to the party with you!
  • Thankyou for the lovely replies. I am sooo excited to be here I have waited allll my life for this, i am wedding obsessed!!

    Hails, I am based in Northumberland  Thankyou Tanya128!  And wow MrsRichardsonToBe2017 4 months away! I bet you are so excited šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–

    Quick question, I am on an iPhone and can't seem to change my profile photo ... anyone else had this problem? 

    I found my dream venue last night so have contacted them, we have decided not to tell anyone apart from parents about things such as venues etc until the invites are sent out as we want it to be a surprise but I'm already bursting to tell everybody!! Haha. 


  • (Scratch that, managed to change my picture)

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    Welcome and congratulations!

    If you want to avoid the stress, set a budget and find out how much things cost before booking. It's the one thing I wish I'd done first. We're 12 weeks away from our wedding and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions so far. Enjoy it though because there are lots of good bits!

  • Congratulations!

    Welcome to the forum. Everyone is really lovely and supportive here, and you can talk about weddings all day without boring anyone else!

  • Hi Naomi, congratulations on your engagement. šŸ˜Š I'm a Northumberland bride too! Looking forward to hearing all of your plans xx  

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