Wedding rings - jewellery quarter


I am looking at buying a ring from the jewellery quarter on Birmingham and was just wondering about others experiences. We went over today quickly (though realised a lot of the shops were shut due to bank holiday) and a lot of the shops we went into were pretty expensive and no cheaper then high street stores such as beaverbrooks. So was wondering if anyone else felt the same or could make any recommendations on where to find the cheaper shops?




  • My engagement ring came from Diamond Heaven the exact replica in Goldsmiths and not a certified diamond was 4 times more. I love my ring completely and couldn't be happier with it.

    I don't know about other shops in the quarter but in terms of DH most of the unhappy shoppers didn't leave enough time between ordering and the wedding and complained about bands not being ready On review sites, we are likely to go back to get our rings from here but have said we will double the lead time to make sure they are ready 

  • Hi Emma,

    Both my sister and I got our engagement rings from Marlow's in the jewellery quarter, and my wedding ring is coming from there too (my sisters will when she gets round to sorting a wedding!). The certified diamond is a much better quality (in terms of colour and clarity) than you would get from a high street store. It wasn't cheap but probably a third less than you would pay on the high street for the same size/quality.

  • My husband and I got our wedding bands from Marlow's too and we can definitely recommend them!

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