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Hi guys I know this is probably not your everyday post that you come across but I need people opinions and can't speak to anybody close to me about it as I am embarrassed. i would love to get married i  with my fiancée  12 years he proposed to me 10 years ago. Now when i mention getting married he says hes not ready give it another couple of years.. He also said what's the rush. I am very upset about this am I Being to sensetive or am I right? 


  • Hmm this is tricky. Has he given you anything more than "not being ready"?

    Some men really don't see the importance of getting married, especially if you're already in a long term relationship. It is a lot of money for a piece of paper.

    If this is important to you then you need to explain that to him.

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    no reason why.. he said a couple of years back he wants to wait till the fighting stops.. Now its a different excuse.. Then he asked why am I so obsessed with getting married I only said I three or four times in the last few years... But yet he was the one who proposed to me? 

  • I think you need a proper discussion with him. If getting married is super important to you tell him.

    So he doesn't want to get married now. That's fine. Are you willing to wait until he is? What if he doesn't ever want to? Could you be happy in a committed long-term relationship if that wasn't an actual marriage?

    To be blunt, just because he has proposed doesn't mean he is now obliged to get married. It was a long time ago and maybe as he's got older he has re-evaluated what marriage means for him. This doesn't mean he loves you any less. People chose not to marry for all sorts of reasons.

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