Singing at your wedding

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I'm just looking to be steered in the right direction as no idea where to start..  If its a good idea or not etc....

I keep reading/seeing brides singing to the grooms.

Now, I dont want to do a full on slushy song (we're not that type of couple and he finds slow songs depressing) but I LOVE that video of a bride singing "everytime we touch", so it got me thinking...

Could I do a song that started off all nice then turned into a better, more up beat song?

I have a habit of always singing Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror and h2b is convinced/worried Im going to sing it at some point 😂😂(hes right!)  but Ive been thinking of alternative lyrics.

Im now thinking i could start off with a nice ballardy song and then mash it into my own version of Sweet Transvestite (or sweet yorkshire bride haha!!). Is this a ridiculous idea? 

If not, any ideas how i go about doing this and polishing it up so its a bit less karaoke more decent performace? How do i get the sound track etc?  

Any tips would be appreciated. Unless the tip is a no haha x


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    you could go to one of those recording studio for the day places and record it onto a cd or download.  

    i think it's a great idea as it's something personal that will make your groom (and everyone else) laugh.  What a unique idea, i would love to hear your finished song 😁😁😁

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