Shall we have a soppy chat?

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Im all alone at the minute, h2b is in work, the kids are asleep, and instead of doing something useful with my time Im feeling all soppy and nostalgic, so thought Id start a thread.

Tell me about your first date (or something romantic if you didnt really have a date) with your h2b/hubby.

I know a lot of us have planning threads thay mention this but I think itd be really sweet to see loads of stories together.


Ill start. I was 20 years old when we met, he was 22 and in a relationship. He knew my mum (work) and she told him all about me but over emphasised a lot because they had a mutual work partner who was very self obsessed. My mum liked to try and make her jealous by talkinh about how beautiful and smart and funny I apparently was! 😂 Also I had no man to tie me down, I was loving single life and was out in town with all my friends a few times a week wearing amazing outfits and generally just being free and happy. So h2b later confessed he thought I was a bit of bed hopping party girl from my mums stories (he phrases it less politely though).

Anyway, long story short, we met briefly, he said hi, I went shy and actually didnt even speak, just smiled and left. A week or two later he split up with his girlfriend, and asked me out.

Our first date was scheduled in, but it was about 2 weeks away (so I was a bit busy with going out and partys but not so much the sleeping around, thanks mum) and he ended up inviting me to a house party he was throwing at his sisters house while she was away. I went along with a friend, both SO nervous. I couldnt even remember what he looked like, and I was convinced I wouldnt like him. He opened the door and smiled, and his smile was so casual and perfect, just like when we met, and he was gorgeous. I heard a hiss in my ear "I approve!" From my friend 😂

H2b was really, really drunk and we werent. It wasnt a great night. He fell asleep within an hour and slept most of the night. I stayed and chatted the night away with his brother and friends. Most of them eventually left, but one, and h2b who eventually woke up in the early hours. We all chatted again, ate chocolate for breakfast, and then h2b drove us home. 

I was the last to be dropped off. He pulled up outside my house and went all shy and sheepish. He asked if I had a nice time. Then he asked again. And again. He kept repeating himself and you could see his face like "wtf am I doing?", he was cringing so much but just kept saying "so... er... did you have a nice time?" Im all honesty, as you can tell, it was a crap date and I didnt think at that point that Id see him again if he let me get out without a kiss. I waited a while, watching him suffer, then said "oh shut up" and kissed him. It was a really good kiss so I think I saved more than just the day to be quite honest!  😂 Thinking back Im surprised at my attitude there, telling someone to shut up and then pouncing on them, such a sweet girl.

After our kiss I went inside and my mum was waiting to lecture me on how ashamed she was that Id stayed out all night and that her daughter would be the talk of the prison (where she worked), yeah mum, I think maybe you ruined my reputation, not me!

H2b text me within minutes to say he couldnt stop smiling and could he see me again tomorrow. We never did wait for our scheduled first date after that, we were together every day.

If anyones interested though, we did go to posh chinese restaurant for our official date, and I accidentally got drunk and could barely focus. I had wine while I was getting ready, no food. Then he took us to a bar first and I had more wine, then more wine while we waited for the meal. I remember spilling sauce down my boobs and wiping it up on my finger and sucking it off, no wonder he fell for me 😂😳

Hopefully someone e


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    Haha I sort of briefly remembered your story then from your planning thread, but that was a lot more detailed and I enjoyed it!

    I met my OH in a pub, I was working, he was drinking! About 30minutes after my shift ended a Facebook message came through asking where i went. Uh, home, my shift was finished! Transpired he had been waiting to come and talk to me. The following morning, feeling a bit pushy I asked why he'd wanted to talk to me. Fast forwarding through the small talk, he asked if I'd be free for a date that night (a Monday night). Figuring I didn't have much to lose, I thought why not! Turns out his idea of a first date was walking up to the pub at the top of the mountain. I remember asking my dad if there was even a pub there, and then telling him that was where I was going 'just in case'! I met my OH at the end of my road and off we went. Within 15 minutes I was panting and starting to sweat (this was before my gym days!) and I remember thinking how awful the evening was going to be. But the path soon evened out, and the conversation got going. We went up about 7 and ended up staying till last orders, it was like something just clicked. We were on the same wavelength and I felt like I'd known him forever. We strolled back down the mountain in the dark, and I remember tripping over a branch and he reached for my hand. We had our first kiss just before the end of my street and at that point all I could think was that this was the loveliest date I'd ever had, and there'd better be another one! haha... and here we are 

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    Aw thats much nicer than mine, where would we be without facebook eh?!

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