Wedding dreams

Bims09Bims09 Posts: 240 New bride

I'm now under the two month mark until our big day, and have started having some crazy wedding related dreams over the past couple of weeks! Perhaps it's the heat...

Most of mine seem to involve not having my hair and make up done in time, in one I ended up in a supermarket trying to find make up on the day, and the only thing I could find was white face paint... yep, great bridal look there. Have also had a dream where all my guests have arrived and the reception has started, but I'm still upstairs in some sort of medieval tower, trying to squeeze myself into a bright green dress. Bizarre really!

Apparently my mum has also been having dreams, in one she was wearing my wedding dress and couldn't find me to give it back... I think perhaps she needs a break, haha.

I can't be the only one ladies, what's been your strangest wedding dream?!


  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 360 New bride

    I had quite a scary one a week or so ago. Around Christmas time, I fell out with a 'friend' who had been treating me like crap for years but me being me, I was a mug and didn't really do anything about it until Christmas last year roughly. In real life, she never got an official card invite like everyone else did as they were sent out in Feb, she only got a verbal kind of invite when the wedding was booked before I had enough of her and had to put my foot down and cut all contact.


    Well, in the dream I had. I dreamt she showed up at my wedding and as me and my partner were walking out the town hall, she through acid over me! I woke up in a cold sweat and found it hard to shake that dream off. I wouldn't put it past her to gatecrash the wedding in real life but hopefully the acid part is just my crazy anxiety playing on my fears!


  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 834 New bride

    Aww mine started around the 2 month mark too - but the heat has definitely made them worse I reckon! Last night I dreamt that I got so drunk trying to 'calm my nerves' with the bridesmaids that I woke up the following day and couldn't even remember the ceremony, never mind the reception... Freaky!

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,924 New bride

    Oh I've had all sorts. The most recent one last night was that nobody bothered doing any speeches at the wedding breakfast and I ended up being grumpy all day because of it! There wasn't any real reason they just couldn't be bothered to. However I'm pretty sure this stems from my anxiety at the possibility my Step Dad may not be at the wedding- although my sister has offered to read his speech if that happens.

  • Suzie1974Suzie1974 Posts: 126

    I dream about the wedding all the time lol. I dream't last night that it was my wedding and I was phoning around the wedding car and hair and makeup artist to tell them that I changed address and was panicking because they didn't turn up so had to do it myself and my wedding dress was orange. I never make it to the church strange I know, but I seem to dream alot about the wedding. 

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