Braces advice!

Hi girls 

Wonder if anyone knows anything about braces. My wedding is October and I've always not been keen on the shape of my teeth. But recently I've started to really regret not getting braces in time for the wedding. I had them when I was a teenager but when I see recent photos of myself I can really notice how my teeth are changing massively as time goes on and I'm starting to feel really self conscious! Does anyone know if thwee are any quick fix options for teeth straightening? 3 months wouldnt be Enough time would it? Help 🙈



  • FMCFMC Posts: 125

    My teeth were only a little bit wonky and it took 11 months of train tracks to sort them out. Not sure if there are any quick fixes. I think the danger would be that after only a sshort time in braces your teeth would revert back really quickly without a retainer. 

    But there may be other options. My brace came off on Thursday and I'm soooo pleased I did it.

  • AureaAurea Posts: 46

    If your bite is perfect then have a look at Invisalign braces. They are clear retainer like braces which you could possibly skip wearing for a day. 

    I unfortunately have a really bad bite and will have horrible train tracks on my wedding day :( 

    If you can't get Invisalign or its too expensive then leave the braces for after the wedding. Whiten your teeth or what not to make them look nicer but leave braces for later on. 


  • Rebecca470Rebecca470 Posts: 119

    I felt the same about my teeth, they are not awful, but I have always noticed the flaws. I decided to go for invisalign. It is expensive, but I didn't want to have traintracks outside of my teenage years, thought everyone would notice it! 

    Mine will only take 24 weeks in total, and I think mine is quite a quick time, it can be up to 18 months. I personally wouldn't want to wear invisalign on the wedding day, as with good quality pictures you may be able to see them. 

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