Beware of Thomson for your weddings

Just been with our wedding planner to the town hall in ayia napa for our licence, she was telling me on Thursday how a couple were due to arrive on Sunday and she had found the hotel they booked with Thomson still hadn't been fully built,they had booked it from cgi photos, anyway she said there was no way this hotel was going to be finished in 2 days and needed to let the couple know, 

Thomson contacted them a day before they were due to fly telling them the hotel hasn't been built and they were moving them to paphos, complete other side of the island when their wedding is here, how bad is this, I'd be fuming, they were told if they didn't want to go paphos they would have to look at sorting their own accommodation, how can a tour operator do this to people,this is surely going to ruin this poor couples special day. 

Im so glad I arranged everything independent,people trust these companies to deliver, but then also I'd be wary myself about booking a place based on computer generated images 

I really hope whoever they are, they have a beautiful day and it isn't ruined 


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    That's terrible on Thomson's part, and in no way am I saying they are off the hook- but I also wouldn't book something as important as a wedding in a hotel that hasn't been built yet! These projects are always delayed, I wouldn't have risked it within 6 months of the 'completion date'. I would also be taking it into my own hands to track progress of the build and if it's looking likely to be ready so I would know weeks out rather than a day.

    But I suppose when a big holiday company like Thomson says it will be fine then you might just trust them.

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