Has anyone sent off for their new passport before their wedding?

I've got the form and our registrar has completed her half but I don't know if I sign my half in my maiden name or married name? I'm guessing he declaration needs to be in married name as this is the one that'll be on file?



  • MrsM2b4MrsM2b4 Posts: 45

    I've not long had my new passport back ready for honeymoon the day after the wedding- took me ages to find the advice online (and on an old forum chat on here).... but it worked fine and I had my new passport within a week!

    So the form that the registrar/ vicar signs is completed in your maiden name (i.e. MIss xxx xxx). The dearation box on the form you print out is what will be your married signature (I practised a bit first as wanted to "design" a new one!). 


    Hope thats helps!


    ps - if for any reason photos have to be countersigned then there is an additional wording for that that is on government passport website- I didn't have to get photos countersigbed luckily. It will tell you if you do on the declaration form.

  • Rachael116Rachael116 Posts: 150

    Perfect MrsM2b4. Thank you!

  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    I will be going on honeymoon one week after we marry and was told I can still use my current (maiden name) that correct? Or do I have to change it to what my married name will become?

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Yeah you can. Basically the name the holiday is booked in and the passport have to match whether thats maiden or married name x

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