A really positive supplier experience!

So we get lots of chats on here about the negative side of suppliers. 

I thought I would share one the otherside of the coin. It was very unexpected and made me feel really good!

I picked my photographer a while back. (In fact we paid the deposit back in november). We shared a few emails prior to the booking and had a Skype chat in November as well. Aside from that we haven't chatted since then as we have no reason to contact. I have followed her on Facebook though. 

I woke up yesterday morning to find I had been tagged on Facebook by her. And it was a tag that was personal just to me. It showed to me that she really got me and my OH and our wedding. Also that she remembers. It was such a lovely thing. I thought I would share with you all 😁. The post is below. 



  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Aww that's fantastic!

    I agree we always shout about bad customer service and forget to sing the praises when it's good. I love my photographer. She is lovely and her photos are amazing. I can't wait for my wedding day, I loved our engagement shoot. 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,483 New bride

    I looked at Clare Tam-Im for my photography.  She does some stunning work!  Such a lovely thing to do.  

  • MrsW-22MrsW-22 Posts: 354 New bride

    @britbird I love her work I'm so excited for our engagement shoot 😁

    @FutureMrsThomas yeah my thoughts exactly and we pointed this out at work so I think positive feedback over negative was stuck in my head 😂

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