PMA - Feel the love!


Reading through the posts some guys really are having a tough time of trying to plan the best day of their lives. 

Everyone is very supportive of each other and I thought what better way to put all this positivity into one post? Please come post and post PMA Messages and just generally bask in the joy that is .... YOUR WEDDING DAY!

I'll start .... 

Ladies! Well done on planning one of the most stressful yet perfect days you'll have! You're doing a great job making it your own and it's going to be wonderful! When you're walking down the aisle all the headaches, confusion and down right horrific days leading up to it will make it all worth while, seeing your handsome partners waiting for you at the end of that short walk.

Soak it up .... Enjoy it and most of all bask in a day that is all about you! 

Muchas love! ❤️ 

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