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A Unique Experience - Hen Party

Good Evening Ladies, 


My Name is Scott Mason and I am the owner/founder of TopChoiceXperiences, we are dedicated to delivering hosted experience days to our clients and our promise is we will leave them with lasting memories. But this is where you can help! We are now looking to expand into the world of hen / stag parties. I am 25 and can safely say I have never been on a hen party!!!! So we need your help to allow us to develop that unique package. 


If you were to hold your hen party in this beautiful country we live in, that is Scotland what would you do? Would it be something totally different like a day in the countryside either fishing or shooting clays? Would it be a day at the races where you get your glad rags on and enjoy the fine dining and atmosphere that is on offer. Would it be one day, one night or a whole weekend? 


We are dedicated to making things special and think it is important to do the ground work to ensure you beautiful brides have a day to remembers. 


We recently have moved into the world of social media so would appreciate everyone checking us out - Top Choice Xperiences :)


I look forward to your replies :)

Scott Mason


Top Choice Xperiences


  • Hi Scott,

    Hen parties these days can be such a huge range of things, and can be really different depending on the bride's personality. 

    Some brides really want tacky and OTT. They want the limo, the strippers, the pink fairy wings and L-plates, some are horrified at the idea and want a spa day followed by a quiet meal out with their friends, and there's of course everything in between.

    Personally for a hen-do in Scotland, I'd be looking for a nice country retreat, a hotel with a spa, maybe hot-tubs and a lake, but with a bar for the evening!

    Good luck with everything x

  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    Good luck Scott!

    Agree with the above!

    You can maybe split it into city and country - in the city I'd be after something unique during the day (cooking or tasting of some kind, or an unusual activity like husky sledding or paragliding but city based, a visit to somewhere you can't usually get into, or a guided walk/treasure hunt), then cocktails/whisky and a very smart meal in the evening.

    In the country as per the country retreat - with maybe a private chef and something like horse riding or off roading or similar during the day. Shooting is always fun! Wildlife tracking as well.

    Depends on your market I guess! Trick might be to keep it affordable for all members of a group, as this can be the biggest nightmare with hen do organising...

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