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Wedding Insurance...

Has anyone got Wedding Insurance - if so fwhere from and  do you have any recommendations or do you think it's a waste of money???



  • We got wedding insurance from debenhams, but here are other places that do it like John Lewis. As my parents are contributing heavily towards the wedding they insisted that we bought it, our venue also highly recomended that we had it. 

    It doesn’t cover you if either bride or groom gets cold feet and change their minds. It does however cover if a member of the bridal party falls ill and means the wedding needs to be postponed. Or if one of your suppliers does not deliver the service required, youre able to put a claim in and the money won’t be lost. 

    Personally, for the money that you’re spending, I think it’s worth having, considering it’s not too expensive to buy. You can select the cover you want depending on the budget that you have so is very flexible.

  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152 New bride

    We also got ours from debenhams, it's more for peace of mind if anything happens with the suppliers etc.  We only went with debenhams as it was on offer, we looked at a comparison site.xx 

  • We used Debenhams.

    we can’t afford to pay for things twice if anything goes wrong. Think we paid £50 or £60 and got a £10 gift card 

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    We got ours from John Lewis. It was around £110 but this is for an overseas wedding with a good level of cover. Hopefully, like with most insurance, we hope not to need it but in the grand scheme of what we’re spending it isn’t much for peace of mind.

  • Kate-16Kate-16 Posts: 15

    Thanks everyone, I'll  shop around - it does seem a good idea and not just a gimmick! 


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