Non refund of dress deposit

Looking for advice.


I paid a deposit on a dress (I'm aware I've lost that)  due to unforeseen circumstances the wedding is off. I called the dress shop to advise dress no longer required and they are trying to bill me the full price of £800. 

This dress was not made to order it was off the rail basically. 

I've asked them to sell it on but they are now wanting to charge me £200 for storage. I also asked for a copy of my signed contract to which I was told it would be too lengthy and I have to go into the shop to see it. Which I find strange.


Can anyone tell me if I'm legally entitled to pay storage? Or any additional costs?



  • Michelle330Michelle330 Posts: 119

    It depends entirely what you agreed to in the contract you signes. Didn’t  you get a copy of the contract you signed when you signed it and paid a deposit? If not that’s a bit odd. I would keep insisting they email you over a copy, or at least the section about cancellations if the whole document is too lengthy.

    I would go to your local citizens advice bureau to see if they can offer you advice on this issu, as that’s what they are there for and we’re not legal experts here.

  • Jenna52Jenna52 Posts: 2

    Cab advised me to go to the shop and check around for a cancellation policy on view anywhere. I don't fancy going into the shop. I found it strange that she wasn't very forthcoming with the contract when I asked for it. I'm happy to loose the deposit, however to charge me for a dress that's never been in my posetion or even this £200 storage fee that's come to light I find very unusual. Like a tactic to get money from me when they know there is no right for the dress to be paid by me.

  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    It is usually just the deposit you lose if you cancel I believe until the dress is made if it is made to order, then you are liable for the rest, however if yours was off the rail it seems a bit unfair to ask you to pay the rest as they could simply resell it. What sort of timescales were involved?  Has it been altered for you in any way? I agree re the contract, even our mortgage/house sale contracts were not too lengthy to be posted/emailed!  Do you remember signing it?   You could simply not pay I suppose, it's unlikely they would chase you for what in the grand scheme of things is a small amount of money, could be a risky strategy though and if you did sign to agree to pay for the whole thing you should honour that contract. Could you get someone to go into the shop for/with you?  The storage fee seems excessive but I suppose it depends how long they have kept it back for you.  Good luck x

  • Michelle330Michelle330 Posts: 119

    Yes that’s what it comes across as to me. Maybe if you don’t want to go to the shop, ask a friend to go and look for a cancellation policy or enquire about it. 

    You’re Definitely legally entitled to a copy of your contract and they should have given you one when you signed. If you’ve contacted citizens advice and that’s all they came up with, maybe contact trading standards. See if they can help. You can make a complaint to trading standards because they are not willing to prove to you that you signed a contract which agreed to this “storage fee”

  • Michelle330Michelle330 Posts: 119

    The other option is to get a solicitor involve, you can get them to write a letter requesting a copy of the contract because you are disputing the costs. See what that does. A solicitor would also be able to tell you more on the legalities of it. I know that’s going to cost a lot anyway, but it’s one way to resolve it.

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