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Bridesmaid and family gifts 🎁

Hey everyone!

just having a think about my bridesmaid gifts!

theyve all had make up bags for over a year, I have them early, I’ve got the girls the bridesmaid glasses , wine , bridesmaids in dvd (best film EVER) And ive Named stars after them as their main present!

is that enough?? I wanted to do something a little different! 

Also I’ve done Thankyou cards for our mums and nans. what could I gift them??

also my grandad is walking me down the aisle , he is the hardest person to buy for! He has socks and cuff links but just wondering what else!! Xxxx


  • I've got necklace, bracelet, earrings for them xx

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    Bridesmaids have got a bracelet and earrings. Then may get them prosecco and Chambord in a gift bag.

    Mums have got a necklace (M&S do nice MOB & MOG ones) and will have flowers too.

    Nan will have flowers

    3 flower girls have necklaces.

    Best men probably having engraved glasses. Might do them for dads too as no idea what else to get them!

    No idea for my son yet.

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    If you get chance then click the link to my planning thread as I have pics there. I got my mum a personalised engraved plant pot, I am getting my grandparents a hand made tea set set with the design being based on my flowers, my dad is having an engraved swiss army knife and a monogrammed leather wash bag (none of my family like presents that dont do anything haha they all have to have a practical use!). There are other little bits for other people but those things are my favourite things thats I have found/bought as they are things I haven't seen on here before :)

  • I've got my brides-ladies a Kate Spade bangle each, standard robe, a bottle of Mini-Moet and essentials like nail varnish, lip balm, tissues, wipes etc. 

    Struggling to find appropriate thank you gifts for parents and in-laws though. My mother likes little trinkets and bits so was thinking of getting her a coin purse from Aspinal of London and my father is into the great outdoors so reckon I will try to find him a leather flask of some sorts and have it personalised. In-laws, absolutely no idea! Ha! 

    Groomsmen are the H2B's responsibility! 

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