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Candyfloss cart hire

Hi all, 

I get married next week on the 17th April. I have been sitting with my husband to be this morning and have decided that with the remaining budget we would like to hire a candyfloss cart for the reception of our wedding. Im currently a very stressed bride and can not seem to find a candyfloss cart that i like the look of. im getting married in north Yorkshire and would like  traditional looking cart to fit the fairytale theme. 

i wondered if anyone had any recommendations of who they may have used previously?


thank you Sarah 


  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Depending whereabouts in North Yorkshire - have you had a look and posted on any local FB pages? Or used Twitter hashtag hours - There is a #weddinghour where people chat about weddings and local/national suppliers so it could be worth having a look on there.

    Good luck! xx

  • Sarah-83Sarah-83 Posts: 2

    hi all, thank-you for your reply! i ended up using a company called Candyfloss Crazy.

    I found them at  their service was brilliant they came early and set up and the lady serving the candyfloss was lovely joked with all the guests and made candyfloss all night! the carts was clean and looked beautiful had  brilliant selection of different styled carts to choose from too and i chose the vintage cart to fit into the theme of the wedding! 

    Looking at their website they offer loads of different things if only my budget would have stretched more! would definitely use them again in the future. 

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