As a bride I would like to share this warning with all other ladies looking for dresses online: don’t order anything from (also operates as!

I live in the UK but am organising my wedding in Helsinki. Because my bridesmaids live in three different countries we decided to order the bridesmaids dresses online. We found a dress we all liked on where it could be ordered made to measurements – What could go wrong with the size when the dress is made to fit your personal measurements, right?

We first decided to order one dress to see how it fits. We waited ages and ages, but the dress did not arrive in the 19 to 26 days they promise on their website. I struggled to get in touch with them and finally got the explanation that they had ran out of fabric because the market place in China was closed due to Chinese New Year. If you think these dresses are made in the UK, think again! At no point did Mialondon get in touch with me to inform me about this delay. The dress finally arrived one month too late. It looked ok on my bridesmaid, so we decided to save us the hassle of finding a new dress and ordered three more dresses all made to measurements. These dresses arrived in no time but that was where the good news ended. They were all 0.5 – 3 inches too small, the stitching was poor, seams crooked and the hemline baggy. I immediately contacted Mialondon to complain and asked for some sort of compensation. After all, I had paid almost £80 per dress and my bridesmaids could not even close the zippers.

This is where the fun really started! The company promises that “With Mialondon turn every event into a huge party!” and some party it has been! I tried contacting the company via their customer service chat but no one was ever online, I called their customer service phone during opening hours but no one picked up, I left voice messages, sent messages via their website and wrote e-mails… Need I go on? Eventually I got a reply to my e-mail saying that it had gone to junk mail. My bridesmaid got the exact same response. I had sent them pictures of the dress, but the company told me there is nothing wrong with the dresses and that they have been made to the measurements given. I asked how they can all then be too small to which they replied that somewhere in small print in their return policy it says that the dresses may come up to 1 inch too small. That makes no sense! Surely you are supposed to make dresses to FIT the given measurements not WITH the exact measurements and you are most certainly not supposed to make them SMALLER than the given measurements! We ordered dresses, not swimsuits! Mialondon told us to send pictures of measuring the dresses with tape measure. We did as requested and the dresses were all too small! However, Mialondon claimed that from the pictures we sent them they can calculate that the dresses are not too small and are in fact the correct measurements. I thought I must have fallen into some rabbit hole... Surely, they cannot be claiming that we are lying?! But that is indeed what this company does. They take no responsibility and place the blame on the customer.

At no point has Mialondon apologised nor have they offered any solution or compromise. Their customer service has downright avoided us and have been incredibly rude in their responses. I have wasted three months and £320 on them. My big day is just around the corner and we are now really worried that we might not be able to get new bridesmaids dresses in time for the wedding!

So ladies, avoid this online shop at all cost!


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    is it worth contacting trading standards and telling them you’re going to do so? MIght be worth a shot..

  • Also worth publicly shaming on Twitter/Facebook to see if they react

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