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Child Friendly Wedding advice - help!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted some advice on something I've possibly been over or underthinking massively! We're getting married in August, and we're expecting a number of children at the wedding - not had RSVPs back yet but I think if they all come along we'll have 9 children with ages from about 4 months to 7 years old (most will be in the 2 - 5 yo. category).

Me and my fiance love kids so we're looking forward to having them there, we're having 3 flower girls and a page boy, and we're planning to have some games and things that parents can play with them, colouring-in packs for the sit-down meal etc etc.

I felt like all was fine but then I suddenly started thinking about our decorations - at the moment I've got scatter crystals and pebbles to go on the tables and places like the sweetie cart and it suddenly occurred to me that they could be a choking hazard? So now I'm not sure whether we should put them out or maybe only in places that children couldn't reach? Or do you think it would be okay as their parents will be keeping an eye on them? Have any parents been to weddings where they've had these kinds of decorations, with your kids?

Also in general just any advice about other possible pitfalls or things to consider for a child-friendly wedding, any issues people have had would be super helpful. As we're not parents yet I'm just worried there are other things we haven't really considered!


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Hi - it is good you're thinking of these things.

    I would probably not put the scatter crystals on the sweetie cart as they could look like sweets themselves. On the tables though it will be fine.

    Thing is with kids is that you can protect them all you like and they will still find someway to hurt themselves. It is in their nature to be curious. Parents know this and will keep an eye out for their own.


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I have a 5 year old and wouldn't have a problem with decorations in general, though maybe avoid putting them near the sweet table? Younger children could get confused. At her age now I know she wouldn't put stuff like that in her mouth, at an earlier age I would have been watching her so would have been fine but no parent can keep their eyes on a child 24/7, and I guess them stuff by a table of sweets could be confusing to a younger child?

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    I agree with Mrs Twiz - maybe not with the sweets but elsewhere will be fine. As long as you check with parents if their child will need a high chair and a meal, and ensure the venue has baby change facilities, all will be fine (you'd be surprised how many places don't!).

  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    I agree with Mrs twiz. I'd avoid putting them on the sweetie cart but on the tables at should be fine. They will be with parents then so they will tell them if they try to eat them. I'd be prepared to lose a fair few by the end of the night aswell if the children are anything like my girls they will be collecting them thinking they are previous gems! 

    Also If you have any balloons make sure there are some easily accessible to the children so they don't pull the ones that are being used as decoration :) 

    We are doing goodie bags for the childen at our wedding during the day (12 of them ranging from 6 months to 10years) so far they have colouring book and pencils, bblloonu, bubbles, glow sticks, bag of sweets and a small toy x

  • I'm quite interested in the thread if others have any further advice on child safety at weddings. We have potentially 30 children coming to ours ranging from newborns to teenagers - its going to be manic but fun! lol 

  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 137 New bride

    At my wedding I'll have my 2 sons there being 2 and 6 at the time. We're going to buy a little teepee and put a small blanket and cushions it in with like books so that there is somewhere they can go to relax and have a bit of time out as a lot happens on a wedding day and they may need a few minutes to themselves, and in the evening once they start getting tired they can go there to wind down before bed.

  • This is so helpful! Thank you everyone :) Much appreciated - and I totally hadn't thought about the need for high chairs/finding out about baby change facilities etc. either! So this has been really useful.

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