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Money poem NOT about honeymoon

Hi ladies,

We're not having a gift list for our wedding and want to ask for money instead. 

The problem is, we've already paid for our honeymoon and are going a couple of days after the wedding day. So I don't want to ask for money towards our honeymoon because people will know it's already paid for.

I also don't want to say it's towards buying a house/things for our house because we've been in our house for over 2 years and mostly have everything we need.

Has anyone seen any poems asking for money that DON'T mention honeymoons or home bits? 


  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride

    haven't seen ne poems that aren't about putting money towards the honeymoon or house n tbh I haven't seen ne of them that aren't cringeworthy!

    Out of curiosity, what do u want the money to go towards? Pple generally like 2 know what there money is going towards

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    I'm not a fan of the poems. You could just put 'no boxed gifts please' on the invite, but I think you have to say something about what you will be putting it towards really.

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    Agree it’s a bit unusual to ask for money without people knowing what they are helping contribute to. I’d just put nothing & be grateful for what I got - I think these days if couples don’t register for gifts it’s commonplace to gift money or vouchers anyway. I personally find poems a bit twee, but equally dont really like giving money unless it’s towards something as it feels impersonal. Perhaps if you do want to put something, a note about helping to make memories as a married couple or something sounds better than nothing. 

  • TiaMariaTiaMaria Posts: 120

    Yeh I would agree that having a poem, which I think can be a little cringey, people would probably wonder where the money was going to. Honestly just my opinion and this is a topic that divides many people, I would really just be happy for anything, the main thing for me is that people come and have a wonderful day and celebrate with us and the thought of asking people for money really just doesnt sit well with me.

    Like another poster said though, most people do just give money or vouchers these days. I know in recent years that I’ve give John Lewis vouchers or currency for the honeymoon destination. 

  • I agree completely with Ashley72.  I actually can't stand those poems, think even the honeymoon ones are tacky. ( are asking for cash...why the childish poem to try and be coy about it...)  

    I can't exactly remember what I did for my previous, but we either included a "Please, no gifts" line on our invites or just skipped the topic entirely.  Only ONE person actually asked us if we had a registry - the rest correctly assumed that as a couple that had been living together for a while, that we had not done a registry.  We received a mix of cash, vouchers, gifts, and "empty" cards, all of which were greatly appreciated.  We sincerely did not need anything (including vouchers or cash) and were just happy for people to attend.

    I would def skip the poem.  If people ask, you can always have family and members of the wedding party spread the word that you "have pretty much everything you need."  Guests know what that means - and some will do cash and some will still prefer to do a gift.

  • I agree that the money poems are a bit twee, better to just put a line like "please don't feel you need to bring a gift, your presence is enough, however if you would like to then we would appreciate money or vouchers".

    Word of warning re the advice to just not mention gifts at all- I received an invite recently with no mention of gifts so I thought they must want cash, I mentioned this to my parents and aunt/uncle and they all said that if there was no mention of gifts they would definitely think an actual gift was expected and would try to find something unique that other people wouldn't have bought. So I think it may be a bit of a generational thing!

  • Thanks everyone. I’m personally not a fan of the poems either but feel a need to put something (especially for the older generation). I haven’t mentioned gifts/money on our invites but want to put something on our website. 

    The money would go towards a mix of things really. Weekends away etc but nothing specific that I’d want to tell people. We will probably save most for when I’m on maternity leave!

    I think I’ll go with what MayBride2019 said 😊 thanks all x

  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152 New bride

    Hiya. We put something very similar on our info card, that we didn’t expect gifts but that people had asked us and monetary or John Lewis vouchers would be lovely.xx 

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