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Gift Idea for H2B

Hi Girls,

Got a great gift idea from my jeweller for a pressie for H2B.

Basically he can design cufflinks with the date of your wedding on them.

Had to admit I hadnt thought of that one -but sounds a fun idea & will certainly be a talking point for the future!

Mel xxx


  • SarahFTSarahFT Posts: 46
    Hi Mel,

    what a lovely idea!

    I'm also getting cufflinks for my h2b. I bought him a pair for valentines 2 years back which he wore almost everyday until he lost one at his works xmas do. He was really upset cos he intended to wear them at our wedding - so much so that he had previously made a big issue that he was wearing them even though they were silver and not matching the ivory & gold colour scheme, bless!

    I am naturally going to replace the cufflinks as a surprise but may get them engraved with our initials or wedding date on the underside if poss.


  • PatsypukPatsypuk Posts: 14
    Hi Sarah

    I bought my h2b a pair of siver cufflinks from Links of London as an engagement present. They are in the design of an herculean knot which signifies strength and unity, which I thought was very appropriate. They also sell them in gold so that would keep in with your colour scheme....

    Hope this is helpful


  • mildred81mildred81 Posts: 784
    A good friend of mine is a photographer, she's going to take some special/saucyish photos of me so i can put them in an album and seprise H2B with them on the wedding morning, a reminder of why he chose to marry me!
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