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losing interest....

Has anyone lost interest in planning for their wedding? I was very excited....there's a saying "I've been planning my wedding since I was 12".....I was like that....for a couple of years....and then now it's happening.....I sorta lost some interest in it....

Maybe it's because h2b and I are from different culture n background. So the wedding we are going to have in Norway, it's sorta 'all about him' and then when we go for our 'second wedding' in Asia, it will be sorta 'all about me'. One thing for sure, I cant plan much for the moment for what's gonna happen in Norway as we are holding it out of state where he is from. So his parents will have to fix certain arrangements. And I'm away from home, so there's little I can arrange from overseas. I guess, it's just too much work....thou, I've got a planner in Asia who is a friend that does part time wedding planning......?????

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  • mildred81mildred81 Posts: 784
    I haven't yet, but i can see how you would when everything is such a big effort. Luckily i only got engaged on New Years eve just gone and we had originally planned a big wedding for December 2007 but on holiday this year we decided to change everything make it very small and do it in Vegas - this December since then i haven't had chance to get bored and i only have 94 days to go.
  • louisa25uklouisa25uk Posts: 422
    I've been planning since Jan, after getting engaged xmas 2004. Big day is in 32 days!!! Not really got bored or stressed, had one MAJOR stress with my divorced parents, but it's all sorted now.

    I guess with getting married abroad in a strange country with different ideas you wouldn't be able to get as excited as you prob don't know of any reputable suppliers like you would do here. I think, from what you're saying, that you should go with the flow for your Norway wedding, and get REALLY involved with you Asian wedding. Get some bridal mags, and look on websites to get ideas and start getting excited! It's whatever you make it!
  • eeping76eeping76 Posts: 927
    Yes Mrs V

    I shld do that....and hopefully things will get more excited when I go home this Xmas. Hope to get more things done.... Tks!! ;\)
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