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Hiya, what wedding breakfast menu's are you having? What are you having later on in the evening?


  • hi, for the wedding breakfast we are having

    starter: cream of leek and potato soup with croutons

    main course: roasted sirloin of beef with yorkshire garnish with red wine jus

    dessert: choux pastry buns filled with chantilly cream dipped in caramel or chocolate sauce.

    coffee and mints afterwards.

    for the evening we are having a buffet with a meditteranean theme with pasta dishes salads, seafood and stuff.

    hope this helps.
  • ktaylorukktayloruk Posts: 141
    Hi, for the wedding breakfast me and H2b had to choose a starter, main and dessert that everyone would like as they all have to have the same (unless they have a special diet). This was a little tricky but after telling most people what we are having they seem to be happy with our choice.

    Starter: Duck liver pate with herb bread and chutney

    Main: Roast sirloin of beef with yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce

    Dessert: Strawberries and cream

    As we are having a small wedding and will not be eating until 6pm we won't be having a buffet later on but will perhaps have some picky bits
  • We are having:

    Starter: Carrot and coriander soup~

    Main: Roast beef and allll the trimmings

    Dessert: Honeycombe and passion fruit cheesecake

    and then coffee and cake
  • j0704j0704 Posts: 46
    The menu at my wedding breakfast is melon to start, then chicken with veg etc and chocolate cake to finish. I'm vegetarian so i'm having mushroom stroganoff. We're also having a buffet in the evening.
  • JulsukJulsuk Posts: 1
    We're having an afternoon buffet.

    And probably some snacks in the evening. Peanuts and stuff. Probably. I've only just started arranging this whole thing. It's scaring me a bit.

  • NonNon Posts: 495
    its all very daunting isnt it?!

    we arent finalising our menu until after weve done a tasting. we can offer 2 choices for each course and have narrowed it down a bit as there are loads of lovely dishes on the menu.

    going to have a fish and chicken choice for starter, fillet of beef and fish choice for main and then cant decide on puds as there are so many nice ones!!

    we are only having 35 guests so have splashed out a bit more on the venue so hoping food will be fab (it had better be!!) we sit down to eat at 5.30 so will then planning to serve cheese board and wedding cake in the evening when everyone is a peckish again.

    im hungry now!

  • Hi Guys,

    My h2b and I are haviing our tasting this weekend and I can't wait image

    I think we have chosen -

    Stater - Duck and pear salad

    Main- Beef wellington

    dessert - our wedding cake with fruit coulis and cream

    Im a bit worried about having our cake as dessert as I dont want to seem stingy but have spent loads of money on a way too expensive cake and want to make the most of it - what do you think?

    In the evening we are having french stick filled with Bacon or chips or cheese or what ever our guests fancy with spicy potato wedges on the side. We are having a winter wedding so I thought hearty food would be a good idea.

  • Our taster isnt until next year.

    what actually happens at a taster?

    Do you get a taste of 2 or 3 dishes or just the one you are interested in?
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