Help choosing ring

Hi just wondering if anyone could help me as I am clueless when it comes to jewelry. I have £3000 to replace my enagament ring the new one has to be platinum as gold and white gold irritate my skin. I have chosen the vera wang 18ct platinum 0.70ct princess cut halo ring and also the leo diamond 1/2ct platinum ll1 diamond halo ring both are from Ernest Jones. Could someone who knows about diamond rings give me any advice on which is best to go for please?


  • Honestly, whichever you prefer. I don't think engagement rings should be about "best" from any other perspective than what makes both of you happy.
    However, given you have scope to have input into the choice, also think about what wedding band might go with the ring you choose, and check you like the look as a set.
  • Yeah, you should follow what the OP already suggestion. All the best!
  • This is still quite a subjective question, you need to see how they look
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