Help! I'm a Maid of Honour and need some guidance about the dress....

Hi everyone, my best friend is getting married for the second time this year.
I'm her maid of honour with her daughter being the bridesmaid. It's an expensive wedding, and the bride is insisting on buying me a dress for the wedding. Now obviously this is her wedding, and she would like the dress to be a certain colour, but how much say so would you imagine i have in my dress? 
The brides mum and the bride are taking me shopping for a dress to a place known for prom dresses and cheap spangly numbers (lots of beads and the like - really NOT ME) and I feel really uncomfortable about this, so would love some guidance on what you would expect from a maid of honour with regards to dresses. 
Thank you


  • If I were in your shoes I would ask the bride how much input she would like you to have. If she says she wants you to be happy and comfortable then that's great, you can go try on the dresses at cheap-o spangly place, have a laugh, and then find something more to your tastes. If she has a strong idea of what she wants then hey, she's your friend and all you need to do to make her happy is wear a dress you hate for one day!
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    To be honest if it’s her Wedding and she’s paying i’d just wear it, it’s only for one day (unless of course your boobs are hanging out or something then i’d Probably speak up haha). 

    Ive been a Bridesmaid about 7 times I think, and to be honest none of them have been to my taste or what i’d choose, i’ll Never wear them again but it’s what the Bride wanted so I just went along with it without causing a fuss. Just try to enjoy it, it’s only a dress at the end of the day

  • Hmm, I would have a chat and ask what kind of style she was thinking, and if she wanted any input with helping choosing. If she's dead set though, I would wear the dress. Hopefully she'll want you to be comfortable and will check in with you, but as it's her paying I would suck it up for one day, and you'd probably do the same for her. I think regardless you can have a say on the fit of the dress and make sure it's altered to fit you properly, which should help you feel more comfortable in whatever she picks. 
  • Thanks everyone - really helpful advice - i shall suck it up best i can! x
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