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First steps into planning

Dear all, 

my name is Alessia, I hope all the future brides here are well! 
I am getting married this year in July at Marylebone Town Hall in London. 
I had a few questions for those who are ahead of the planning or already finished, since I am still in the first stages. 
I was wondering if any of you got married there and wanted to share their experience?
I am bit struggling to find a photographer thats not crazy exepensive but good. I was hoping somebody could suggest someone? 

Also, we are having a small reception at my mother in law’s garden. I was thinking to hire a catering company, thought to go for a barbecue, maybe mediterranean. Anyone has done it? 

Lastly, I want to get a simple, elegant, not expensive dress. Not looking for a proper bridal one but something bit more easy. Any of you in London can suggest of any stores I could look into? 

The wedding is gonna be very small and informal, not a big deal! But we still want to do things properly. 

Sorry for the many questions, its the first forum I join and I wanted to speak with people living my same situation! 

Thanks a lot everyone!! 


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