So so lucky

So not only am I getting married to my lovely man next May, but he's also coming home out of the RAF in May and we've just had our offer accepted on a house. Our little life and marriage is slowly becoming a reality. 

Any advice on how to live with a man who is coming home to me in a new home?! 😂🍾💜


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    Can I ask how long he has been in?
  • @KittyFiennes he's been in 15 years. He's ready for a change now 😃 xx
  • Wow congratulations! My fiancé is leaving the Royal Engineers this year so I know how you feel! Well done you guys for getting a house as well!!! It’s all coming together nicely.

    Has your fiancé had any of the courses from the army? I think it’s called CTP so it might be worth having a look at- just helps them readjust to civilian life :)

    Sounds like he’s ready to start his next adventure with you- Good Luck with it all :D

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    That's awesome, I'm so glad he's "coming home."  :) 

    Both myself and one of my best GF are in similar situations right now, hers is a police officer changing to 1st shift after their entire relationship (like 17 years!) was on second or third shift, and my OH is shutting down one of his businesses that required extensive travel (prior he also did work in the armed forces and then policework until becoming duty-disabled). 

    I do think it's going to be an adjustment for you (us).  The best advice I can give to you (and myself) is taking it slow, take it easy.  It's kind of like getting to know each other all over again.  He probably is going to have habits that will bother you more than they did when he wasn't there all of the time.  He's probably going to accumulate more "stuff."  He's going to want time for alone-time, interests, time to develop (local) friendships and to stay in touch with non-local ones.  I know, for me, one of the most important things is to maintain MY alone-time, interests, and "separate" space. I'm very used to it.  I've grown very used to being alone, and whilst a lot of time I didn't like it, I do still value a bit of personal time/ space.  Take care not to get to be "too much" for each other!

    Good luck and enjoy the next step in your journey together!
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