Can you please give me some advise??

My H2B has bought me a really expensive present for the wedding, i dont know what it is yet but everyone says it so nice, which doesnt help my dilemma. I havent got him anything get andthe wedding is next friday.. Do you have any ideas on what i can get him, What did you get your h2b's ?? did he love it. Thanks Girls you would be doing me a Massive favour :\?


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    Lucky you... I don't have any ideas as I am struggling myself I just wanted to say that it does not matter how much the present is.. all that matters is that it comes from the heart.. sounds very cheesy but it is true.. Good luck I am sure the girls in here will help you out with the advice! xx
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    I gave my husband a bag with 5 presents in, all individually wrapped with individual messages:

    eau de toilette and matching deodorant - to make him smell nice, stop smelling horrible

    'groom' socks - to stop him getting cold feet

    a silver 'last rolo' - because i love him enough (though you could easily do the real rolo for this

    and the big pressie was a silver pocket watch, to make sure that he wasn't late!

    He was apparently really taken by the amount of effort i'd put into it all - I don't think its necessarily the amount you spend - you could get away with spending less as long as he can see that you've thought about it lots.

  • Yeah, i know but i have been with my h2b for 7 years and if i think of something that he likes he or i have bought it for him. Thanks for the advice, but i really dont have a clue,every time i think of something he already has it

  • ooohhhh that was really a lovely gift.
  • How about a season ticket to his favourite sporting team, or get him a fancy car to a fancy hotel to take him to an away game and put £20 in a card for post match bevvies!!!
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    I bought my h2b a piano accordian for our wedding next friday! (same day as you!!)

    but that probably doesn't help you... what about one of those redletter day expereinces in a race car or hot air ballon or something?

  • ummm.... i dont know..... he has never been a fan of those red letter days. so im not to sure. ...... what is a piano accordian???
  • How about compiling a story book about the two of you, starting with how you met, and then with lots of pics of the two of you and the different things you've done,places you've been then finish it off with your wedding day and leave a blank space for your wedding picture.

    Or make up a saucy goodie bag full of cheeky things and promise lots of x rated behaviour!! Bet he wouldn't be disappointed with that present! Heehee....
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    My H2B is originally from Liverpool, so I'm gonna get him a Liverpool football shirt. I've found a sports shop (JJB) that can also put his name and any number on the back (Hope he don't read this and spoil the surprise lol)

    He said he was gonna get me a donut maker (mmmmmmmm donuts) if he does, it will be WELL used! lol.

    I'm sure whatever you get him, he will appreciate it. After all, it's the thought that counts, not the amount.

    luv n hugs xx image

  • yeah... Thanks x
  • Wow, some really good ideas!

    I've got a painting (print not original!) of where we got engaged for h2b. It took a lot of google time to find but will last for ever and ever.

    Obviously this depends on where you got engaged! Friends of ours recently got engaged in bed so it wouldn't work so well for them...
  • right i made a decision. For H2B wedding present im giving him my Spirit (a Bottle of Southern Comfort) Mind (a very interesting book about the interworkings of the female mind) Heart ( A silver heart with the word i love you alway written on it) Body ( The Karma Sutra to practise on our honeymoon) and soul (50 soul classics!) ....... do you think that will be okay?
  • Honeysuckle that is such a good idea!

    I think he'll love it!
  • Brilliant idea!! I might steal it!
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    What a fab idea! He'll love it.

    Good luck for next week x
  • thats such a good idea - and easy to put together... sure he will love it. x
  • thanks very much .... it was a momentary brain wave!
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