How to prevent hen party ‘stowaways’

Hi All,
I didn’t think I’d be back so soon after my own wedding but this forum was so helpful I’ve returned for some more advice! 
A very good friend of mine is getting married in December - her maid of honour has let her down badly in regards to planning her hen party (in September) so me and a group of her close friends have formed an alliance in order to try and get something sorted for her.
Shes decided that she wants a 2 night stay in a cottage somewhere pretty like the Cotswolds. Unfortunately as her MOH literally did nothing it’s left it really late in the day to try and organise this/get money off people etc. 
There are about 12 people interested and are willing to pay a deposit as soon as we find accommodation but there’s a sneaky group of about 4 people who are trying the “don’t count us in but we’ll come down the second night” 
I’ve seen this many a time in hen party’s where people won’t commit to paying to come along but will rudely turn up the second night ,bunk in a bed , drink the Prosecco and eat the food.
i need a fool proof message to the group to protect us from people doing this as not only do I think it’s cheeky but it’s totally unfair on those that have paid full price. I don’t want to cause arguments/bad feeling but people need to be told. People are hard work! Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Blame it in the venue, say that getting your big deposit back is dependent on several conditions, one of them being only named guests can be present in accommodation and stay over so unfortunately if you aren't down for a room then you can't join us. If they question it then say its fire regulations and the venue has been fined before so they r really strict on it now 
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    Easy.  Have 2 prices.  One for the full weekend.  One for just dinner/1 night.  

    I did this this when I planned my sisters weekend, as we didn’t want to exclude anyone that couldn’t afford the whole weekend or couldn’t spare 2/3 days.

    In the end it was only 1 girl who came for just one night, so we told her not to worry about the contribution.  But obviously if it was several hens I would have taken some cash towards the food, prosecco etc.
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