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Shoot me now films - Daniel Armitage review

This is a new thread to create awareness for engaged couples planning to hire a videographer/cinematographer to capture their special day. Please take 5 mins to read about our experience with this award winning, acclaimed individual.

It saddens me deeply to read all of the comments in this thread. My wife and I married in Cyprus in September 2018 and employed the services Daniel Armitage of Shoot me now films to capture our special day. He showed up and worked well others and ourselves on the day and even the day before, shooting as much footage as he could for editing after the event. However, after the event we are still waiting...8 months later and no wedding film. 

We did receive a trailer which was fantastic - I only had one issue with some voice overs at the end of the trailer which I informed Dan of but he has still not been addressed this issue. His editing of our wedding trailer is of a professional standard which warrants and reflects his fee. 
Ah yes the fee -  paid in full and in advance of our wedding (fine, he has to buy flight tickets, transport etc) however...the fee, and it was a substantial amount for the package we agreed has been paid and we have no finish product as per our contract. By his own terms and conditions set out in his contract, he is in breach of his agreement. That said, we hoped for our wedding film earlier than now...mainly due to the communications from Dan ensuring us that our film was indeed finished and all he had to do was upload it the next day. I have received emails ensuring me of "having your wedding film tomorrow" on more that one occasion now. It's simply a bare faced lie. I honestly don't know how he can sleep at night. We are talking about people's wedding days. Treasured memories of a special day which for us are now tarnished. 

Dan's last email to me addressed the lack of communication from himself whereby he apologised profusely citing family problems as the reason for his lack of delivery. We are all only human and we completely understood that family issues can effect you in different ways. My wife suffered from the loss of her father at Christmas 2018 not long after our wedding, that kind of loss effects people terribly and we only hoped that Dan didn't suffer something similar. In fact, not receiving the wedding film from Dan has been so disappointing because we had also promised our family members the film so they could see my father in law at the wedding again which was such a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to relive these moments and we and our family still wait impatiently now. We were provided with a link to the raw footage (at an additional cost) but not all the footage was there and in fairness, i'm not a film editor. We paid for something that we simply have not received and the only person responsible is out there taking more money from couples giving them false promises. We have approached a solicitor who has sent on a letter advising he is in breach of contract - to pursue further will be at a further cost so if anyone wants in on the action please get intouch. I think you can inbox us on this site?

Dan even goes around the country sharing his skills with others in the industry - he is a talented guy. But he is also a guy that shows a blatant disregard for the couples who put so much faith in him to provide them with a service. To provide them with happy memories. Week after week now we sit and wonder...will it be this week? 

We are expecting our first child in August this year (2019) which is one month before our wedding anniversary. Will we have our wedding film by then? Only Dan knows, but he's not letting on.

If anyone has some first hand experience of finally getting a finished film from Dan please let us know the lengths you had to go too. We really want our wedding film. 

NOTE - to anyone wishing for their special day to be captured by a professional with the integrity to match the skill I would implore you to look further a field. The wedding films on his website are amazing...and you pay twice. Once upfront and with a lot of pounds - secondly with stress, anxiety and a general questioning of humanity. How can someone who shares a day involving so much love be so cruel with the people who trust him. Trust me - this may sound a bit OTT but it's not. It's just very, very sad and unprofessional.


  • I am really sorry for you both!
    Can’t believe you still haven’t received your wedding video, especially as you have paid up front and in full! Fingers crossed you get your answers soon, a solicitor is definitely they right way to go at this point! Hopefully he will listen now! Xxx
  • martycolmartycol Posts: 1 New bride
    This is disgraceful and he should be ashamed. Working in this particular industry he knows how special this day is to a bride and groom. To not provide an end product and retain the fee is shocking.

    Hope pursuing this via a solicitor can bring some closure for you. 
  • garrysafcgarrysafc Posts: 1 New bride
    This is way to treat a customer at any time let alone customers in the wedding industry... to tarnish the memory  your wedding day is disgraceful.  I’m pleased you’ve named and shamed is utter toad
  • bruces242bruces242 Posts: 1 New bride
    I hope you get the answers you’re looking for.  This man has zero business sense and even less humanity.
    People beware of this charlatan! 
  • I can't believe what I am reading!!!! I don't understand why he hasn't followed through on his contract. The time and effort to deliver a trailer but not the full package makes zero sense. Trust and communication is key in any business and he has failed in both parts. I certainly won't be using him for our wedding, shame too as the footage on his site looks incredibly impressive. What a way to ruin your reputation and tarnish your talent. I hope the solicitor is able to get you your answers, your video that you've paid for in full and hopefully restore your faith in humanity some what. Good luck to you both.
  • tonyx4tonyx4 Posts: 6 New bride
    edited June 2019
    Thank you to all those who have read the review and commented.

    @e.treeby84 I've no idea why he hasn't followed through. I had heard a few years ago Daniel has similar feedback from people but he reassured me saying that when he started out he took too much work on and simply couldn't do all the post production work after the weddings. He informed me that now he limits himself between 2-4 per month to ensure he can turn around the films within the contractual time frame and even quicker.

    We have literally paid in thousands of pound for the package we agreed on which is coming up to over a year ago and still no full length wedding film. He has emailed me twice saying that our wedding video is complete an he just has to upload it and send the link...he is clearly lying to us and others.

    I'm now in contact with other from this website who are taking him to a small claims court and he has been instructed to return their funds - as yet unsuccessfully. It's so frustrating - we have a baby due in 7 weeks and could have used that money for so much, instead it's with him in his bank or spent on whatever. Is this technically theft? Or more a civil matter? 

    He hasn't responded to our solicitors either so well have to pursue this further as our expense which again isn't the best when baby is enroute. My wife is so upset about this i'm actually worried the stress will effect her pregnancy. ***Daniel if you are reading this PLEASE SORT THIS OUT if their is a shred of humanity in your bones***

    Couples out there - simply avoid. Do not listen to anything he says, he is a proven teller of lies.
  • tonyx4tonyx4 Posts: 6 New bride
    edited June 2019
    @e.treeby84 if you'd like some advice on who to actually use PM me as through this process have found some fantastic people offering similar services.

    All the best with your wedding :)
  • Claire-34Claire-34 Posts: 2 New bride
    Yes just adding my voice to this thread. We are now two and a half years past our wedding date - we've had a baby since, who's now 9 months old! I can't believe we still don't have our film, it's beyond ridiculous now. We had all the same promises as you - told multiple times that the film was ready to go and would be with us the following week. 

    Following our Small Claims Court application, we've heard nothing and he hasn't responded to it. We're now in a position where we have to enforce the court order, which is a grim thing to have to do, involving bailiffs and the like. It's a heartbreaking end and has really tainted our wedding.

    The latest I've heard on a Facebook group is that Dan has set up a new company called Juno Wedding Films, under which he is trading without his name to try and disassociate himself from Shoot Me Now Films. I don't know if this is true, but it's a shocking development if so.
  • Fred1986Fred1986 Posts: 1 New bride
    edited June 2019
  • The latest I've heard on a Facebook group is that Dan has set up a new company called Juno Wedding Films, under which he is trading without his name to try and disassociate himself from Shoot Me Now Films. I don't know if this is true, but it's a shocking development if so.

    This is true, he is trading under Juno Films judging by the rave reviews he's clearly delivering films in 2019 and back end of 2018.

  • My sister had booked him for her wedding. The wedding is next month! She paid her deposit a year ago but hadn’t heard anything from him for months! I’m now contacting his ‘new’ business in the hope of at least getting a reply from him. Can you point me in the right direction to get a real videographer? Thanks 
  • Laurenwells90Laurenwells90 Posts: 1
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