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Help clean up after wedding

I am stuck as to how to organize my reception cleanup. I’m on a tight budget and friends are helping me set up the day before. So here’s the dilemma, we have about an hour to close up after guests leave. My older sisters are insisting that I leave as guests won’t leave if I’m still there.


  • Does it all have to be done that evening? Assuming theres no venue staff, i think you either have to ask some friends or family to help, or hire someone in. I?ts easy if you can make a list and say XYZ can be chucked, and ABC to be put in boxes so people can just go through it all easily. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    We had this and most people chipped in to help. I've also been to weddings and helped tidy up at the end - it's super quick as generally everything just gets chucked into boxes and bags to be sorted later.

    Just make sure that if you can't store stuff in the venue overnight that someone who can drive is willing to take all the stuff back to your house or wherever until you can sort it. If you're going away straight after the wedding, then make sure they have a key to your place so they can drop stuff off (although ask someone trusted to take your presents and wedding cards - don't leave them in an empty house if it's obvious you were married from there and have gone away!). And make sure you have a broom and cleaning bits in case there's any mess (if the venue doesn't provide them).

    If your sister is right and most people won't leave till you do, then all the better because they can be roped into helping!
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