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Hello! So .myself and my partner are getting married at a manor home in Wales in july. We are only after a photographer for 3 hours max as there is only 7 of us in total! The idea is to have photos of the ceremony then  a myself and my partner at the local beach. We have been quoted £700  for 3 hours including a USB stick.  My question is... how does this compare to all day shoots ect. I thought this was expensive.... ideas and help welcome! 


  • Hi Teee469

    I agree, it is slightly expensive for what you are looking for. I would be considering £500 with a good photographer.

  • I'm paying £1250 for 8 hours, but i suppose for them it has to be worth the risk of not being able to take on another partial or full job for the day. 
  • Hi Teee,

    I am a wedding photographer based in South Wales :) please feel free to take a look at my website and get in touch if you wanted a quote.  I can definitely beat that price for just 3 hours coverage, but if you give me some more info like your date and the location then I can give you a more precise quote if I'm available.

    Best wishes,
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 309 New bride
    edited September 2019
    This does seem quite pricy for only 3 hours. Although when I was researching photographers for full day coverage the quotes I was getting ranged from £395 to £3,600 (both packages without an album). 

    The photographer I've booked is charging £950 from bridal prep to first few dances (so about 8-9 hours) without an album. 
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