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Hen Party for 25 people

Hi. I am looking for some advice for my sisters hen party.  She has a list of 25 and I am trying to work out the best plan for a large group.  Has anyone any experience of a hen do with this number of people? 

I was thinking of renting a big country house with hot tubs, games etc.  However, the only request she has given is that there is an excuse to get dressed up nice at some point.   This makes it sooo hard. If we move into a city, its nigh on impossible to find open accommodation for that many people (as in not just hotel rooms).  Also, isn't it a nightmare to co-ordinate that many people on a night out to restaurants and bars??

The only idea I have so far is to go to Chester Races as thats a good excuse to get dressed up, and  less likely to get massively split up as its an enclosed area. ??

I would really welcome any tips, advice, suggestions?!



  • Chester Races would be good!

    I'm not sure about other cities but in Liverpool, Signature Living have party rooms / apartments that sleep upto 20 (so you'd need to book 2 rooms) and they're right in the city centre.

    Or you could book a big country house that's close to a city/town so you could have 1 night in the house with hot tub, games, etc.  then 1 night out in the town. 
  • Thats a lot of people! I think your best bet is to find a house like you had thought, and then you can just arrange for a minibus to take you to a club near by (or the race course - sounds fun!!) 

    Any restaurants or bars that you go to just make sure you call well in advance, and you could always just do a takeaway in the house beforehand to save worrying about a restaurant! 

    Just as a small side note - when booking things make sure you have everyones money/deposit before booking with your own. It can often end up leaving you out of pocket otherwise, people will commit and then change their minds and with that many people you just cant risk it. 

    Another side note - have you looked into companies that can organise things for you? theres quite a few out there and i have seen ones that include a house/accommodation - so may be worth investigating. You still put together the package of what you want, but they have their contacts so they know the good clubs and accommodation for that many people. These companies also usually offer a service where each attendee pays them directly, so you dont have to worry about handling loads of money or footing the bill for anything huge up front. 
  • We went to the Brecon Beacons in the summer. We hired a big house with a hot tub. We went Gorge Walking in the day which was absolutely fantastic. The first night we just chilled in the hot tub, the second night, we went out for dinner and drinks which was an excuse to dress up. 
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