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Can’t wait any longer for wedding!

Anyone else feeling really impatient about their wedding? I’m getting married in October 2020 and the thought of waiting another year is killing me! I can’t wait for our big day, and even more so to be married to the most gorgeous man ☺️ We also don’t live together yet and will buy our house next summer just a couple of months before our wedding, so that’s making it even harder!

Anyone got any ideas of how to take my mind off of it? I just want to burst!!!!!


  • Time goes so fast really and it will be over before you know it. So enjoy the time building up to the wedding as well as the wedding. You are so lucky to be so excited.
  • Just to say that I felt the same this summer- I’m getting married next May (so just reached the 6 month to go mark) and I got engaged at the start of last December. Ideally both of us would have loved to get married this Autumn, but date availability and logistics scuppered that plan.

    As it happens due to other circumstances it’s just as well that it’s happening next May. I think that between the wedding planning and moving house (as well as just day to day life!) you’ll find the year flies by! Also, I’ve found that after booking a lot of my suppliers there was then silence as my wedding was too far away, but they’ve just started getting in touch to talk details, so you’ve definitely got the 7/6months to go mark to look forward to when wedding planning becomes more interesting! 😊
  • I promise you to goes so quickly! We got engaged May 2018, and were getting married April 2020 and as soon as it hit the one year mark its flown by!! I couldnt tell you what weve done in the last few months but suddenly its 5 months to go and it feels like chaos! Use the time to prepare, plan, and get sorted because itll be around in no time! 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Once you get to the last 6 months it will literally fly by!
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