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Name change help!

I am struggling to make a decision with my name change! I know I want to keep my maiden name for personal reasons, however I’m not sure I’m a fan of a hyphenated surname! Has anyone ever done two surnames but not hyphenated, is that even possible?  I have heard of people putting their maiden name as their middle name but that wouldn’t work for me because I’d like my name to be last! Any advice please! 💕


  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 935 New bride
    Yes you can absolutely have two names, although be prepared for people to assume that whichever one you choose to put second is your actual surname, and not both!

    Is your husband also taking both surnames? Traditionally, you put the lady's name first because it was considered the more important name (how times have changed!), but nowadays you can legally do more or less anything with your surname, so it's totally you and your fiancé's decisions.

    Personally, my husband and I chose to double-barrel our surnames but in the end couldn't be bothered so we've both just kept our own. People will generally assume that you've taken his name, so be prepared to be addressed as such. Even if you tell them, they will forget, or choose to ignore your decision because they think they know better. This can be really irritating when people give you cheques which you can't cash! You'll also need to make a decision, should you decide to and be able to have children, whether they will take your name or his, both or double-barrelled.

    Choosing what to do with your name is such a big decision and it's so sad that the onus of it lies with the woman!
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