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New Engagement Ring...

Hi all!

So I got engaged Christmas 2013 (uni and family losses have caused huge delays in the wedding) and we’re now planning the wedding. 
When we got engaged the H2B really wanted a ruby engagement ring for me because it’s my birthstone. 
Unfortunately he couldn’t find the “perfect one” so he settled on a diamond one, which I LOVE. 
However, he was distraught when I told him that the white gold needed to be treated again as it’s gone yellow on the underside (he didn’t know that this was a thing that happens to white gold), he decided that now we’re wedding planning, it’s time to find that PERFECT ring he wanted for me all along.

We found it!
Silver vintage style with a big fat vibrant ruby on top, surrounded by lots of clear and shiny diamonds.

My heart fell for it instantly... then the guilt came...
He keeps telling me that he’s excited about a new ring, but a little part of me feels like I’m saying “your original ring that you chose is rubbish!” Which isn’t the case at all, I love my original ring, more than anything, always will. But he is so excited for this new ring, and my heart explodes every time I see the picture of the new one.

It arrives as late as March so I’ve got until then to convince myself that I’m overthinking this new ring.

Anybody else ever had a 2nd ring before their wedding?
Did you feel the same or similar?
please help me through this clearly unnecessary guilt!
Cornwall Bride
Together - 10th September 2011
Engaged - 25th December 2013 
Wedding - 21st May 2022
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