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New service - putting the video camera into the guests hands (Gulp!)

Hi All,

Hope everyone's planning is going smoothly!

We are looking for brave couples to use our new service (for free of course) - in a nutshell it allows your guests to record and send in videos (via their smartphone) and have them all automatically edited together with music and backgrounds. Not only can it be used for guests at the wedding but also for people who cannot make it and pre/post wedding as well. No app needed and videos get sent to a private dashboard for you to watch back and also download the video to keep forever. 

Would love to get thoughts from anyone and of course if anyone would like to try it out then contact me directly and i will set you up with your free access. The service is called Lunabo.

Sorry for the shameless post but there seems to be such a good community on here i couldn't resist!

Thanks x

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