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Guests taking photos

I wanted to get disposable cameras for the reception, but this is both bad for the environment and expensive. I've considered using an app that everyone can get (people will take photos with their phone either way!)

Does anyone have any experience in this space? Horror stories? Good tips? App suggestions/experience? Am I wasting my time?



  • I'm considering using Wedbox. Anyone with any experience with this app?

    (Seeking genuine feedback, not an advertisement)
  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 174 New bride
    I’ve been to a few weddings were the bride and groom have used apps etc to collate pictures. To be honest after seeing their signs or the info i just completely forgot all about it and never uploaded to it. 

    Other people may have just not my experience! 

    Also most guest sent me any pictures they took anyway or uploaded pictures of themselves on to Facebook so we got to see them. I ended up collating loads of guest photos a made a mini album online  :) 
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    We used wedpics for our wedding and sent out a group message to everyone with the password etc so they could upload any photos. Quite a few people did upload some great pictures but I dont think I would have paid for the app, but for a free app I thought it was great (apart from all the ads that keep popping up when you use it!)
  • I think the camera on the table is a really good idea and I've seen it done lots of times. But from what I've heard it is very expensisve and mostly you don't really get that many good photos from them. Partly because most people don't really use them until they have had quite a bit to drink. Also disposable cameras don't produce the best images.

    Best David


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