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Storing my wedding dress a year before the wedding - advice needed!


Hope you're all okay. 

I bought my dress off stillwhite and the tracking says it should be arriving today. Very excited as it is my perfect dress (for a fraction of a cost and never been worn.). However, I'm not actually getting married until July 2021. I got so swept away by the bargain that I didn't think about how best to store it! 

Does anyone have any tips. The dress is very flowy and lacy so it's not poofy at all. It'll need alterations closer to the time so I will likely get it steamed then. I'm just so worried it'll get damaged, discoloured, or funky! 

If anyone has any tips, or has also been in the same boat, I'd really appreciate the advice! 
Below is my dress FYI. 

Take care xxx


  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,515 New bride
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    Ive had my dress in storage for 18 months and its got another 7 to go! I just left it either flat or hanging in the bag it came in (make sure it isn't plastic at this can discolor it) i have heard though its best not to hang it if you can avoid it as it can cause stretching.

    you might find it more convenient to buy a storage box and the tissue paper? I think its acid free or something similar to help it avoid discoloration but then you should be able to pop it in a wardrobe or under the bed!
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 39 New bride
    Thanks @CoffeeDogAddict... Gosh you've had hours for a long time! Have you been tempted to waltz around in it during lockdown? I'm so tempted already but don't want to be covered in cat hairs haha!

    I think I will get a pH neutral box and pH neutral tissue paper as we are only in a one bed and have a small wardrobe so wouldn't want to risk it. Do you think it could get creased or smelly though? 

    Have you had any wedding dress doubts at all? I haven't but worried that in a year I will have changed my mind! Everyone laughs at me for getting it so early but I was so excited when I saw my dream dress for such a bargain 🙈

    Thanks again! 
    Hope you're wedding planning has become less stressful? Xx
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,515 New bride
    Mines currently at the seamstress, it was mid alterations when things went into lockdown but if i had it i would have 100% dressed up by now haha, i wish i could!

    It might get creased but you can have it steamed pretty cheap, my friend paid about £15 for hers and this can help with any odor too. Id think if its in a box and wrapped up its unlikely to pick up any smells from in the flat, and a few months before you know itll be taken out you could always pop a dryer sheet or one of those drawer smelly things to freshen it up?

    I've had loads to be honest but every time i have had a wobble i look back at photos and it reminds me why i picked it. I think my wobbles have mostly been because its the total opposite of what i thought i wanted, so when i see photos of dresses like i initially really liked i still love them, so it took me a while to get my head around the fact that i just like them on other people and not myself!

    I got mine so early because of a sale so i completely get jumping at a bargain! I think theres always the thought that there's a better dress, but honestly if it makes you feel good and you didn't get into debt for it then what more can you ask really? I probably could have waited and done the more traditional dress shopping thing and found a dress i love just as much but ended up paying an arm and a leg for it! there are millions of dresses, i don't think there's such a thing as one perfect dress, just loads of different ones that will all make you feel amazing that all have different pros and cons! Sounds like you did really well finding yours and hit the jackpot there!
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