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Speech alternatives

My H2B is incredibly nervous about doing a speech and I think that he will be unable to enjoy the day as he will be so anxious. Does anyone have any examples of alternatives, I was thinking along the lines of a video that could be played however can't find any examples that I like. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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  • Northern_brideNorthern_bride Posts: 234 New bride
    If you do want to do speeches it doesn't have to be the traditional people speaking (groom, best man, father of the bride), it can be whoever you want! We're going to ask our closest people if any of them would like to make a speech, no pressure if anyone doesn't want to. 
  • MabelcatBMabelcatB Posts: 45 New bride
    If you're not keen on them just don't do them. It's about what will be best for the two of you.

    My friends had an arrangement like what @Northern_bride said and it was lovely. The left it open to anyone who wanted to say a few words, raise a toast, and it helped everything feel really relaxed and intimate.
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