Does anyone know what's happened to..

Lou_1986? I haven't seen her post on here for well over a month now and I was wonderngif anyone had any info? On another note happy-nearly-weekend everyone - I'm off to Rhayader in Mid Wales for holiday and I'm having difficulty containing my excitement! :\)


  • Thanks Lynds it's good forecast so I'm sure I will!
  • I was in South Wales last week in Gower and I got sunburnt!!! It was such a beautiful place and lovely weather to go with it. Have a great holiday

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    I was wondering where she'd gone to aswell??? If your reading this Lou-1986, I hope all's well... we're missing you x

    sunspots- hope your weekend matches your login name! Have a good un!
  • Thanks for that Stephe - sounds like she's been busy in the real world then! lol @ Mrs Petite Bride - I wasn't going to take the suntan lotion but considering the forecast I think I'll need to! Haven't been to the Gower it looks lovely but remote - my parents went there. Mind you - I'm staying in a place that's 6 miles from the nearest shops so am having to be very organised! image Thanks for the nice messages everyone
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    HELLO hehe aawww you missed me!! image didnt think anyone would miss me, sorry i havent been on iv been busy, yes went to Bargain_Brides wedding which was wicked (pics on facebook) and busy at work, knackered and so skint we have put the wedding on hold imagead: i am still around though and those who miss me can add me to msn [email protected]

    love you all xxxx
  • Welcome back! Sorry to hear you've had to put the wedding back - we've done that several times after various things were booked. I know it's a shame to put it back but I am a firm believer that it should happen when the time's right and that you'll know when that is. I got engaged Jan 2004 so I feel permanently engaged! I will add you to MSN but I don't have internet access at home, only at work & my parents but I'm changing jobs soon and can't use it there.
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    hello again

    thanks sunspots, i know it will happen when it is right just wish it would come now imagead: cool you have prob already added me to msn so next time im on send me a message n remind me its you lol got so many people on there! hope your well hun lou x
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