I keep getting this message when im in the chat section going between forums or after posting a reply to a topic, is it a problem with the site???

System Error

Database Error

Cache write error


No further information is available

Thanks Pipsy x


  • Hey pipsy, how are you?

    I'm getting the same error message intermittantly too! Think it's the site rather than us.

    Web-ed am I right for once?
  • nia1981nia1981 Posts: 984
    me too
  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633
    i am aswell how annoying
  • me too
  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Hi everyone

    Sorry about this, I thought the problem was fixed on Friday when I first started seeing the error message. Can you empty your cache and let me know what happens? I'll report it though, too, just in case it's a new error!

    Thanks for letting me know

    Web Ed
  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633
    how on earth do u do that?

    sounds confusing lol
  • Pipsyuk1Pipsyuk1 Posts: 766
    Hi kirsty 25/08/07 im fine thanks how have you been??

    yes mrs c, how exactly what the hell is cache???

    its so annoying!!

  • vics8vics8 Posts: 1,873
    I think web-ed is telling you to empty your temp internet files and cookies. If you go to the control panel on your comp, click on internet options then there should be a section called browsing history (well thats what it says on windows xp) if you press the delete key a table with several options comes up. If you delete temp internet files and the cookies options (which can take a while if you've never done it before) it will free up a lot of space on your hard drive and make it easier to surf the net.

    HOWEVER it does mean that if you've saved any passwords to pages on the NET ie. e-bay(not applicable to anywhere else on your comp) you'll have to reinput them (and remember them) as this clears them out of the comps memory.

    Hope this help (This is what worked for me. I don't know for different opperating systems or if it is something else)

    Just a suggestion xxx
  • vics8vics8 Posts: 1,873
    PS. By clearing out your temp files you'll have to reinput your avatar too

    PPS WEB-ED if clearing out temp files is what you meant it doesn't help as when I tried to edit my original post above I got the System Error bit again. Tried 3 times hense adding another post. Must be you guys!!!
  • Im also having the same problems.

  • ApeseyApesey Posts: 1,395
    i think Web Ed is speaking a foreign language! image

    yes have also had this error over the weekend
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