Nooooo!!!!! Devastated!!!!!!!!!! Advice please!

Ok, so maybe i'm overreacting a little bit but my straighteners have broken!!!!!!! :\(

I accidentally left them on the other day when i went to work.....thankfully didnt burn the house down......but now they just wont straighten my hair properly! It feels like they are pulling my hair and snapping it when I run them over it. Are they completely knackered?! or is there something i can do to make them work?!

Please someone help me, theyre the bestest favouritest (god im so juvenile!) ones i've ever had!

Plus i really cant afford to fork out for more..... image

Thanx luvvies xxxxxx


  • gingerkelgingerkel Posts: 765
    Are they GHDs? Mine had a two year warranty.
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493

    you need professional help ;\)

    click here image
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Oh no, thats bad, I would be lost without my GHD'S. I wouldnt know what to do with my half curly hair which is a frizzy mess when not straightenedimage

    I think they may be knackered though Im sorry, you may have to mourn them Ill cry with you image :\(
  • Deecy - i cant get the link to work, it keeps saying 'cant display page' - maybe its my poo computer hehehe

    Gingerkel - theyre remington wet to straight - the best straighteners EVER! Although i do like ghd's im dead lazy and dont want to dry my hair first! lol!

    As regards to the warranty i, er, bought them from a 'bloke down the pub', wink wink.

    I shouldnt complain really, theyve served me well for about two years!
  • I think a straightener funeral is in order.....*sniff*

    Get your hankies ready then Rosapenny....
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249

    Ok im ready and Im dresses in black for the occasion sniff image waaaahhhhh they were so beautiful and good to you image
  • Ashes to ashes..... lol

    Thank god it didnt get that far hehehe
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    image I know!!
  • BrummieVeeBrummieVee Posts: 1,651
    Good news!!! The Remington wet2dry straightners are on offer in Argos at the mo ->REMINGTON.htm

    I have the short hair version, but mine turns off automatically after an hour - didnt yours do that?!
  • NandBumpNandBump Posts: 1,369
    you are not over reacting - i could not leave the house if i didn't use mine!!!!!!

    i have said a prayer to the god of hair products and tools asking for him to have mercy on your straightners - please spare them and take you hair dryer instead (they're cheaper to replace!!!!!!!!)
  • I couldnt leave the house if my hair wasnt straightened. Have you managed to get some new ones yet?

  • NandBumpNandBump Posts: 1,369
    hotprincess - we need an update. have you fixed them or managed to get some new ones?!
  • Hello!! Mine didnt have auto shut off as they are the first ones that came out! Just had a look at the link tho and i want to give you a big kiss!!! mwah!!! Thank you!!

    I'll have to try and persuade h2b to get them at the weekend for me, as im a bit skint at the mo lol

    I'm struggling on with the old ones for a few days - wearing my hair up so its really just a 'going over' that it needs

    Oh the price of beauty!
  • just tell him you reaaaaalllllllllllllllly need them, its a matter of live or death lol.

    Straigtners are one of the best inventions ever love mine.

  • Oh he'll KNOW it's a matter of life and death when I have a girly tantrum on saturday nite if he hasnt got them for me! lol!
  • beckitreebeckitree Posts: 194
    Dear lord - I dropped my ghds and the plates fell out. I cried for hours! I had to wear head scarves until I could afford a new pair! I feel for you.
  • And here today we mourn the passing of hot princess' precious, much loved straightners.

    They served her well, but left this world in such a sudden and sad way. They will now rest in ghd heaven along with all the other broken, knackered, worn out and missused straightners.

    And we pray that her h2b values his life because if he doesn't buy her a new pair a bounty will be put on his head and the YAYW girls we be round to sort him out!!!

    Cat xxx
  • Oh I am so lucky, I have a h2b who has a style that needs straightners so when my ghd's broke he got me a new pair straight away, only problem is if one of us goes away without the other it can be hard who gets to keep the straightners. He had to cope a whole week without them when I went away, he was not happy. He He,
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