Did anyone watch this last night? Missed the first bit as up for dinner at dads but had me intears by the end. Really good programme with a totally different take on the usual frankenstein.



  • gingerkelgingerkel Posts: 765
    I watched the first hour, then my mum called so I missed the ending! Gutted! I enjoyed what I saw of it though.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    i missed that, what was it like?
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    Imissed the beginning of it but the gist is they were doing stem cell research and the lady doctor used some of her sick sons dna to try and find a way to save him. He died though but frankenstein was born (grown?) and it showed how certain people wanted to use him as an experiment and how the doctor got attched to him. It was really good but so sad as well.

    On a totally different topic how gorgeous is the aero guy. Saw the advert again last night and have to say a big thankyou to aero for giving us some totty on tv.
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    I switched it off as I was petrified, started to watch it in bed and had to turn it over to the news as I would have dreamt about him.

    Aero guy is much nicer when he wa Smith Gerad in Sex in the City.

    YUM YUM xxx

    but this ones even better ;\)

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  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    have to say I like him more in aero ad with just that little towel (i know im a perv)
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    Yip he's a dish image

    Hope he's in the new SATC movie!
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