Rennovating French Dressing Table

LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
Ive got this old Repoduction French Style Dressing table- you know the kind- white with swirly gold scrolls on it. Its techincally vintage as its from the 1960s but i want to revamp it a bit. It looks great as it is but because its made out of pine, plywood and plastic, im a bit a cautious about how i should revamp it. Its been painted a dirty cream colour which isn't all that chic and i just want to re-do it to looka bit more classy, whiter and cleaner. I want to get my moneys worth for it because it was bought for ALOT of money when these kinds of table were quite rare (then about 3 months later EVERYWHERE was selling them for like £100, i was furious!!) so i want to get my moneys worth. I dont want to sell it on either because i wont get my money back and it was technically a gift from my h2b for my birthday...

Any suggestions on rennovating it?
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