Anyone in leicester City center ? I need a favour..

I have been trying to get in touch with my wedding dress shop but their telephone line seems to have been cut off..

There is no record of them on Yell or Directory enquiries...

Does anyone live or work in leicester City centre that could go and check for me ? I live in Derby so cant get there until Sunday !!!

Trying not to panic, deep breaths


  • Chloe1981Chloe1981 Posts: 879
    Hi Em, I can't get to city centre - but what's the name of the shop, maybe i can help find another number?
  • I work just outside but my H2B is a policeman in the centre- which shop is it? Let me know x
  • I live in town now and will be in town in about two hours time if that helps? What shop is it and where abouts is it? Kat x
  • emaroid2emaroid2 Posts: 316
    It's called Pretty maids, on Northampton Street..

    If you are walking towards the train station from granby street it is the first left after berketex brides...

    I would be soo grateful if somebody could help !!

    Thanks Ladies..

    Em XxX
  • Hey hon,

    That's only about 2 streets away from me so I'll take a walk up there after work. I don't have internet access in the flat yet so if you want to use the e-mail link at the bottom of my post to send me a contact number for you I can give you a call later and let you know what I find? I'll mail you my number too so if you'd rather not hand out your number then you can give me a call later (5.30 onwards) and I can fill you in. Please try not to stress- I'm sure that it'll be fine!

    Love 'n' Hugs,

    Kat : ) x
  • sorry to change the subject but so nice to see so many leicester brides...and i'm a bit freaked out elle5 - my h2b is also a policeman in the city centre!!
  • Ooh do you know what shift he is on?
  • e shift...i think?!
  • My H2B has just swapped shifts so worked his last late last night on his new shift but his old shift are on today on the first late. Think his new one is e? His shift change has confused me!
  • Jessie, my email wont let me reply- they do know each other- my H2B was your H2B's skipper till last week when he left the shift! And mine is sorting the Christmas Party at the Holiday Inn so I will meet you then (Have already met your H2B!!!)
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