Help! Need a hangover cure!

Any one know of any good hangover cures?! My usual (Macky Ds and Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps and lots of tea) has not worked one bit and I can not shake this hangover off! Please help, think this hangover could actually kill me! I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN (and I mean it this time)!!!


  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Poor you.

    Paracetamol and lots of water,and fruit.


    A great big fry-up.

    Try and get some glucose down you too.

    jayne.x :\)
  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    Diet coke, hula hoops and a banana. Works for me every time x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    1 carton of ribena, 1 packet of salt and vinegar discos and a twix ( large if u can get one), works a treat, its been my cure since college lol.

    good luck love

    you will feel beta 2morro no matter wot, just get yourself through 2day x
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Can you lot come and look after me and bring said hangover cures with you?!? I never learn, am shuffling around the house like a little old lady because even lifting my head up makes me feel sick and h2b got no sympathy for me ...honestly, I'm sure its not even the alcohol, maybe something i ate?!

    Ooooh, roast dinner, good thinking!x
  • I always drink lemonade the day after and a Maccy D's.

    Roast dinner i'll have a plate if theres one going free lol!!

  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Can i have an extra roast potato?!! Pretty please, I'll do the washing up!
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Good deal! Apple crumble and custard ok then?!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    well, diet coke for breakfast, followed up with something sugary like a biscuit or doughnut always works for me....

    but a bit late for breakfast....
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Stephe, where do you live? I'm coming over! That sounds the best Sunday dinner ever! You've got a lucky hubby, the most mine gets is lasagne and thats made using the jarred white sauce!!!
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Well the babies that wean well are usually the good eaters you'll be cooking for atleast two extra (that includes me!).

    Totally unrelated to hangover cures but we had a baby being weaned on the ward the other day and the Mum was mushing up Macdonalds fries and it had diet coke in its bottle image ....maybe it had a hangover....she looked shocked when I recommended something else.

    As I live a bit too far away from Cumbria, I have taken your earlier advice and am now back on the wine ...look out for a similar thread regarding hangovers tomorrow!
  • 418karina418karina Posts: 697
    i know this sounds gross but in peru we eat ceviche as a typical dish and it is really yummy AND it is the most amazing hangover cure. it is white fish (hammour or something like that) marinated for a few hours in lime juice with red onion, and some ground chilli and coriander mixed in. YUMMY
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    That sounds lovely! Wow, my diet really is crap! I'm going to learn to cook after this thread!

    Honeypearls, you're an Oxford bride arent you? We have meet ups, you will have to come!
  • xTIGRESSxxTIGRESSx Posts: 1,278
    Best cure for a hangover is a full english breakfast with flat coke. Also drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself. Works everytime for me lol not that I drink that much lately ;(

    luv n hugs xx image
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434
    Thanks! Back on the wine already. Told h2b that the ONLY reason I was drinking was so that the fumes would kill the headlice which you gave me advice for other day! (People just reading this thread will think, urgh, scabby drunk with headlice!). Think I sorted that little problem out quite rapidly, just the hangover now which is slowly going ...or maybe Im just getting tipsy so can deal with it more!xx
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