Quiet Sunday...too quiet!

So had planned a lovely Sunday dinner, got up early and went to the shop to get the paper so me and H2B could lay in bed, have breakfast and read the news (or fashion bit in my case!!) and when I got back from the shop H2B was up and dressed, called into work. image So Iv spent my whole day being bored, trying to clean and watching crappy T.V and of course on here but I cant wait for him to come home. Whats everyone else up to today??! Nice day of rest?!


  • Awww bloody hell how crap.

    Im not doing much just sitting around doing nothing waiting for H2B to finsih work our best man has just came over and took me to Tesco, so hes here at the moment. He will prob go home soon and then come back for tea.

  • Lucky you , I was so desprate for human contact I was going to phine work to see if they could do with me in, then I woke up!! It sux living in a different country to your family and friends!
  • Working nights this weekend- Last night dragged had to work an extra hour cos clocks went back!!! Two more to go- wa hey!! Suppose to be sleeping but head buzzin with wedding ideas!!?! I seriouslly need to get a grip Wedding planning has taken over!!!!!
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    well i tossed up wether to go gym or lie in this morning but as H2B snored all night (hes on day shift today) i decided to lie in...

    i then went over to see my parents and sent to Sainsburys with my mum who was made up to get her fruit salad reuced from £6 to 99p !

    ive bought evrything for a roast dinner which ive just put in the over on slowly as H2B will be home around 7.30pm

    im sat with one eye on eastenders (sky plussed it earlier) and on here with the cat sat on the back of the sofa...

    dreading work tomorrow as ive got an assesment day and they will prob tell me i am not worthy of being a manager even tho ive done my job for the last 4 years heheheheh! OMG!! just the stress i need in the run up to getting married ay! LoL
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    Mines the same as it has been all week with the children being off.

    Looking after Luke.

    Doing the cleaning,washing.

    Cooking the dinner

    Listening to Sophie and Bethanie arguing, they are SOOO asking for it. image

    Bless them, image

    Not done anything exciting all week,

    Oh i have a nose bleed, so i am sat here with tissue up my nose. image

    jayne.x :\)
  • Oh Jayne Iv just slapped my hand for feeling sorry for myself. You know when your lonely you just want someone, anyone at all but just had a vision of trying to deal with fighting kids so I think I'll enjoy this lonelyness for the time being!!! Hope the nose bleed stops soon!

    Debbie; good luck with that tomorrow. I hate when they do these stupid days in work. Its like, Iv been here years, Im doing my job, what are you doing?!?!! But Im sure your fly it!
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    i have been ill all weekend just hopeing i will pick up for tomorrow looking after 4 kids if i dont work i dont get paid x
  • jmoore2b... I can sympathise with you big stylee!! What does your other half do...? Mine's often on standby as he works for an airline, and it is horrible when you think you're going to have a lovely day together, and someone as his work decides to skive, and he gets called in!!! your whole day gets thrown out. image
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    jmoore2b well if you see me logged into "emotional support" early tomorrow then you know it didnt go well & i no longer have a job

  • No Debbie you'l be fine! These things are designed to intimadate you! Head up high and kick their asses!!

    Poptart I wouldnt even mind if this was his career he's back studying so its just something to keep a bit of money coming his way. Hes a bar supervisor. The hours are dreadful, and pay worse!! That must be really annoying eh, do these bosses not realise they have a life?!

    Iv just been to Sainburys and got a chicken and cooking apples so going to go and make the nicest sunday tea apple tart (his fav) for him! What a good wife (2b)!!!
  • Good luck tomorrow Debbie!

    I'm snowed under at work so i have spent most of the day sat on the computer logged in catching up, RUBBISH!

    On the plus side we took our 2 dogs to be blood donors today, they were sooooo good just lay on the table with a needle in their neck draining the bood into a bag just like humans only not from the neck! (yuck,i'm not good with needles) did help that they had 2 nurses and 2 vets, all ladies, fussing them the whole time (h2b was jealous... lol!).

    The blood they gave may help to save other dogs lives up to 4 dogs each so my boys are my heros!!!

    Em x
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    day of rest hmph!

    been working all day - then tidied up. h2b went out.
  • Just got the best man to polish my boots for work tomorrow.

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