Brides by Dahlia

:\?imageHi all, i need you're help if possible. I paid my deposit over 2 months ago for my perfect dress at brides by dahlia in salford (manchester) but got a call from her about 1 month ago telling me she was closing the shop for personal reason and that she had passed my details and money onto another supplier in the area and they would supply my dress, and she would write to me to confirm all the details.

This was over 1 month ago now and i've tried to call and sent e-mails and not heard anything. Has anybody else had the same problem with dahlia, or does anyone know what the problem is or what is going on????

I am really starting to panic as paid her a lot of money for the deposit and don't want another dress, other than the one i picked.

I hope some of you girls know more than me and can put my mind at rest.

Thanks all xxx


  • hiya

    I can totally recommend Tie the Knot. Lisa there is fab and so down the earth - just what you need.

    Hope everything is ok with you - is your dress a Bonny one?

    Love vicky xx
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