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hmmm posted in receptions but no reply :cry:

I really dont know what to have for wedding

chocolate fountain or candy bar

i have a really bad sweet tooth, colour scheme of wedding chocolate brown and gold

perhaps i should have a chocoalte bar ;\)

What do you think?? pro's an con's of each please!!!

Kel xx


  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    there are lots of threads about having a chocolate fountain and i think there is Princess Joo Joo wrote about one in newlyweds.

    Each to their own but i tend to agree with all those that say that they are a bit of a waste.

    Guests are afraid of the mess or if someone is serving at it they are afraid of looking piggy and not going back for more.

    My colour scheme is choc and ivory and we have opted for chocolate table centres instead and a three tier choc cake.

    try searching candy bar on here too - another bride had one and posted pics but i cant remember her name.

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    how double posts happen sometimes is beyond me - LOL

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  • hellooo

    well..... urm i love the idea of both but !

    my friend had the fountain at her wedding and no one went near it....honest it was a real waiste of her money, such a shame,

    people ate the buffet ect and then just didnt want to bother with the fidderly chocolate on a stick ( i would tho!)

    never even thought of the candy bar untill someone else on here had one and she posted photos, and to be it just looked excellent

    that to me i think too would be a winner as you could also do up little sweetie bags for people to take home on their way out, and you have personalised ribbon to tie em up?

    i know if i saw a table on the way out and there were lots of little sweetie bags all done up i'd take one for the taxi ride home .... xx

  • ooh yeh have a choc bar - sounds fab!!! i am having pink theme and have seen choc fountain with pink choc - WOW!!! but am worried it will be too messy so not going for that lol...

    i personally think that choc fountains r more for a normal partyy than a wedding but they do look nice...

    think the choc bar sounds fab tho xx
  • P4TDP4TD Posts: 2,487
    Well, I booked a chocolate fountain at £450 (only paid £50 deposit though). This was months ago when they were still a relatively new concept and I thought it would be a talking point. Then more and more people lately have mentioned how they've been to weddings where nobody has used the chocolate fountain, as they're all too worried about spilling stuff on themselves. Either that, or it gets used by everyone in a flurry of excitement, and then gets ignored the rest of the night! Or the kids just end up covered in it. I did a poll in work and they all said they probably wouldn't use it. I guess the novelty factor has kind of gone a bit now.

    So I'm cancelling it! We're going to have a candy bar instead, not only is it much cheaper but it also means nothing goes to waste, as you can take any left over sweets home, and you can use all the jars afterwards.


  • Oh love your idea. Chocolate bar yum!

    Pro for choc - words cannot explain how good and how awesome chocoalte is.

    cons - wedding dress, chocolate fountain, aaaaaaaargh!

    Like the idea of a candy/chocolate bar where people help themselves to lots of goodies.

    Sweet idea!
  • Hey Kellyanne, I agree with Debbie...and I like your idea of a chocolate bar too!! I have had strawberries and dark choc from a fountain a couple of times which was delicious but someone else did it for me - I think I would make a mess personally!!! Sweetie bags all done up to take away....great idea image
  • P4TDP4TD Posts: 2,487
    Here's the link to the thread about the candy bar with pics and tips on where to buy stuff:

  • thank you girls,

    what i thought id do is buy thorntons chocs, aswell as roses, quality street etc etc place them in fancy bowls and there you go!!

    ohhhhhh and smarties, and after eights ohhhh i could get carried away here!!!!


    Thank you for all your replies

    Kel xx
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196

    It was me who posted about the candy bar and choc fountain!!!!!! We had both at our wedding in October and the candy bar went down a storm! There are pics on our photographers website if you read back through my posts the link is there.

    The choc fountain wasn't used at all image

    I was quite gutted really as it was one of my 'must haves' and real favourites throughout the planning. We had 65 guests and it just didn't get used. The company we used 'served' you so a few friends, politely said, they felt pigs for going back and forth to it so only had a few things.

    I think for big weddings and if you hire one that you can help yourself to dipping items & chocs it would go down REALLY well. but honestly, it was one thing I wished we'd not had as we could have spent the £400 on more drink!

    I loved my candy bar image

    Was the best thing ever! We had about 13 jars / bowls / vases of PINK sweeties! I have little silver scoops too!

    It went down really well and I love the pics of it. Would definitely recommend it!!!

    (I wrote another post about that toooo!!!)

    I love that my candy bar is famous now! (well sort of!!!)

    Joo xxxxxxxxxxx
  • yey Mrs Joo Big up your candy bar !! thats who i was refurring too hehehehe! your pics were lovely

    top idea... if i was having that thats what id be doing....

    were having personalised m & m's in little bags to take away by the door at the end of the night as a "thankyou and goodnite"

    hehehe xx
  • P4TDP4TD Posts: 2,487
    Here's Joo's candy bar (well, some of it!)

    Mrs Joo, you are an inspiration to us all!

  • I was stumped as to what a candy bar was but have just spotted the pic. Candy bar sounds more original but I think more people like choc e.g. my mum doesn't like sweets but adores choc. And the choc can be more indulgent if you team it up with strawberres, marshmellows etc. Ooooh I'm hungry now!
  • Mrs Joo, that is such a fab idea! Just showed h2b and he is really excited about the prospect of getting to munch sweets all the evening lol

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348

    Have you got your personalised M&Ms yet?

    Mine have arrived and they are great - i got all one colour as im mixing them with my brown chocs in each table centre.

    I just bought some plain ones too in ivory so i could bulk the personailsed ones out as they were a bit pricy
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    Apart from actually marrying my wonderful hubby, my candy bar was the best thing about my wedding!!!! LOL hee hee!!!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments about it and for showing the pic P4TD - I can't do that !!!

    Mrs Joo xxx
  • runningbird ive emailed ya!
  • Mrs Joo, any chance I can buy your scoops from you? Having real trouble finding some without extortionate postage!
  • I love the idea of a candy bar! How original! I don't think a chocolate fountain is a great idea if there are kids involved! I am just imagining little brown hand prints down my dress! Arghhhh!

    How do I persuade my OH that a candy bar is a good idea??? love it!
  • Just show him all the sweets! MrCbc was v happy. Tell him he can have fun finding and tasting them all!
  • lachrob2lachrob2 Posts: 213
    Can I ask Debbie 007 or Runningbird where you got your personalised M&Ms? I like that idea.

    Also like the candy bar thing but my colours are Ivory and blue and there not many blue sweets around or has anyone any good ideas.?
  • Oooh sparkly those are my colours too!!....however, was talking to h2b about it and we think we may go for a traditional sweetie bar, and bring in our colour scheme with jars/ribbons/display etc.

  • lachrob2lachrob2 Posts: 213
    Good idea about the ribbon etc. Ive searched ebay for candy stripe bags and they have blue ones so I'll probably steal the "candy bar " idea. Ive already booked the choc fountain but ive heard that they're not being used to full potential to warrant £450 cost so I might cancel that in favour of the sweets.

    Thanks for your idea.
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