orders of ceremony...needed or not?

just wondering what is actually included in these and if i need them or not? We are having a civil ceremony and i thought they were more for church weddings ... any ideas?



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  • I was wondering about this...good idea about the photos Zopheeny image
  • Personally, I think OOS is always a good idea whether it be a church or civil. It's nice for the guests to be able to follow what's being said, and read the readings for themselves.

    Just my opinion.
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  • zopheeny that photo idea is genius! i am stealing it! :P hope you don't mind?!
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    I'm making my own order of the day rather than order of service.

    We are having a religious ceremony but in a Hotel, with my church Minister conducting the ceremony.

    I'm just making them as scrolls which the ushers will hand out while seating the guests.

    Not puttting what the poem is etc...just what is happening, e.g

    time of service, prayer, reading, wedding vows, signing of register, canape's, photo's wedding breakfast. x

  • vicster1ukvicster1uk Posts: 1,085
    hi kirstyv, im having a civil ceremony and thus far have decided against OOS. think it would just add to an already large stationary budget and i think what i put on the invite should be self explainatory. i think it is a nice idea but i think the ceremony will be very short and there will be no hyms so i dont think we will bother.Vx
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  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    akthough we're having the ceremony in church, I'm trying to decide at the moment between having an order of service inside (as in as part of) an order of day, or having two separate ones.

    as am making them all, I might incorporate the order of service into the order of day, as it'll be less work.

    not that am lazy or anything image
  • My H2b and I decided to go for the OOS for our civil ceremony after a couple of weddings in the summer where no one had a clue what they were doing or where they were going!! We resorted to asking the Best Man what was going on when - and we still ended up missing the first dance as we decided to go and explore the grounds of the venue.

    We are having our ceremony and reception at the same hotel so I thought it would give people the opportunity to know when they will get the chance to go check into rooms etc. without missing out on things

    Zopheeny - your idea for the photos is pure genius I'm def gonna steal that idea image
  • We are having an order of the day so people know when each thing is happening and I am making them myself. I might have to steal the photo's ides as well!
  • thank you ladies this has really helped. I love the ideas of putting the photos on but i seem to have a never ending list of photos to be taken so it might be a bit too much (maybe im being OTT on the photo front)!

    i think i will do the order of day thing... help people know what is going on, i think they will suss it out but you never know! Putting the readings in is also a good idea.

    im going to make them myself as ive made the invites so wont be too much expense (i hope)! xx
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    I like them and i had them

    I only had plain ones what the church office did,but it helps people to follow the service,and hymns.

    Its all personel choice really.

    jayne. :\)
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